Saudi Arabia Intercepts Missile from Yemen amid Int’l Condemnation of Houthis

April 13, 2018

Asharq Al-Awsat:

Saudi air defenses intercepted on Thursday night a new ballistic missile fired by the Iran-backed Houthis towards the Kingdom.

Official spokesman for Coalition Forces Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen Colonel Turki Al-Malki said that the missile was launched by the militias in Yemen’s Saada province and targeted residential areas in the city of Jizan in southern Saudi Arabia.

The missile was was intercepted and destroyed by the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces, resulting in the scattering of its shrapnel debris on residential neighborhoods. There were no reports of any casualties or damage.

The failed attempt to target Jizan coincided with the flow of Arab and international condemnation of the Houthis, who on Wednesday fired missiles against Saudi cities. All of the rockets were intercepted by air defenses.

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