Israel successfully tests missile air defense systems

July 9, 2018

Army Recognition:

Israeli Defense ministry says tests on Iron Dome, Magic Wand, and Arrow 3 designed to ‘counter emerging threats in the region’, The Times of Israel has reported. On 5 July, the Defense Ministry announced that Israel’s missile defense systems had successfully completed a series of tests designed to “counter emerging threats in the region.”

The tests were carried out by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems in conjunction with the army and defense firms Israel Aerospace Industries and mPrest Systems. “Within the framework of the tests, various types of threats were launched, which simulate the developing threats in the region,” the Defense Ministry said. “The Homa (missile defense) directorate will continue to develop the Iron Dome system to “counter the emerging threats in the region.”

The statement said the short-range Iron Dome, medium-range Magic Wand, and long-range Arrow 3 systems were tested this week at the Palmachim air base, south of Tel Aviv. The ministry did not say what type of missile was fired; it would reveal the details at a later date.

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