Iran says nuclear deal is ‘worst ever’ — and it’s Trump’s fault

February 22, 2018

USA Today:

LONDON — Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister said Thursday that the nuclear deal between his country and six world powers, including the United States, is the “worst ever” — for Iran.

Speaking in the British capital, Abbas Araghchi also said that President Trump’s persistent public vows to “destroy it, fix it, change it,” represented a violation of the terms of the accord that were damaging his country’s ability to secure much-needed international investment. Araghchi warned that the world faces “another nuclear crisis” if the deal collapses.

He added that if Iran does not receive the deal’s promised economic benefits, it would likely withdraw from the agreement, even if Trump doesn’t scrap it ahead of a May 12 deadline for him to issue fresh “waivers” on U.S. sanctions.

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