India’s Only Operational Nuclear Submarine Damaged in Accident

October 5, 2017

Daily Pakistan:

NEW DELHI – India’s only operational nuclear-powered submarine, INS Chakra, has reportedly suffered some damage in an accident and could require substantial repair work to get it back in shape, according to Indian media.

It is not known whether this happened while sailing off the coast of Visakhapatnam or while negotiating the narrow channel while entering the harbour. The Hindu reported that the sonar dome, which is located in the bow of the submarine beneath the torpedo tubes, was damaged.

INS Chakra is based at INS Virbahu, the submarine base in Visakhapatnam, and will be ready to sail after repair work which is likely to be complicated given that the sonar dome is made of titanium, a difficult metal that requires both specialised machinery and manpower to work on.

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