British Army’s New Land Ceptor SAM System Blasts Its First Aerial Target

May 30, 2018

The Drive:

The British Army’s Land Ceptor air defense system has completed its first successful live fire test. The U.K. Ministry of Defense says the weapon will offer a significant boost in capabilities over existing Rapier air defense systems and the live fire trials follow news that the naval variant, Sea Ceptor, has entered operational service with the Royal Navy.

U.K. Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson revealed the test on May 28, 2018, but did not say when it had occurred. He said that event, which took place a Swedish test range on the Baltic Sea, evaluated the complete Land Ceptor system, which includes a truck-mounted launcher and two support vehicles. Video and images that the U.K. Ministry of Defense released show that the target in question was a Kratos BQM-167 drone.

“In the face of intensifying threats, it is vital that our Armed Forces have the capabilities to keep Britain safe,” Williamson said on May 28, 2018. “Land Ceptor will be a formidable battlefield barrier, protecting our troops from strikes and enemy aircraft while on operations.”

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