At UN, Netanyahu Reveals Secret Iranian Nuclear Facility, Hidden Missiles in Beirut

September 28, 2018


NEW YORK  – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed a secret Iranian nuclear storage facility in Tehran and hidden missiles in Beirut during his address at the United Nations’ General Assembly 73rd session on Thursday. The Israeli prime minister said the Iranian facility contains technology for Iran’s nuclear program, adding that Iran “took this radioactive material and spread it around Tehran like Nutella.”

Netanyahu said that Iran removed 15kg of radioactive material from the warehouse last month, and that it contained up to 300 tons of nuclear-related material. Netanyahu called on the IAEA to inspect the facility immediately.

“I have a message for tyrants of Tehran – Israel knows what you’re doing,” Netanyahu said. He added that Israel will continue to act against Iran – “also in Syria and also in Iraq.”

“Hezbollah is using the innocent people of “Beirut as human shields,” Netanyahu said, showing a picture of a missile site underneath a soccer stadium. “Israel also knows what you are doing.”

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