Army Anti-Aircraft Stryker Can Kill Tanks Too

July 10, 2018

Breaking Defense:

With its eyes firmly on Russia, the US Army is racing to field 8×8 Strykers with an array of weapons that can down enemy aircraft — from drones to helicopters to jets — and incidentally make enemy tanks think twice. The first prototypes will be delivered next year, with up to 144 (four battalions) by 2022, although the contract details are still being negotiated.

With the IM-SHORAD (Initial Maneuver Short Range Air Defense) Stryker, “you’ll have more combat power, more lethality, than the Bradley fighting vehicle,” says Ed House, the retired Army infantry colonel who runs the program for Leonardo DRS.

Now, before everyone gets too excited, this doesn’t mean the new Stryker is a substitute for the Bradley as an infantry assault vehicle. The Stryker’s got lighter armor, and wheels instead of tracks, so it can’t handle all the threats or terrain a Bradley can. Plus, this variant’s interior volume will be largely filled with spare missiles, leaving little room to carry troops.

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