13th Missile Defense Battery Change of Command

April 13, 2018


The 13th Missile Defense Battery (MDB) held a change of command ceremony, as Capt. Douglas Brown relinquished command to Capt. Brett Koniarz, attended by U.S. Army Col. David E. Shank, commander, 10th Army Air Missile Defense Command, Col. Richard A. Wholey Jr., commander 678th Air Defense Brigade, South Carolina National Guard, April 10, 2018, Israel.

Soldiers from the unit, headquartered outside of Tel Aviv, took part in a ceremony which was attended by both U.S. and allied Israeli Armed Forces service members. “Capt. Brown was tasked with the growth of the unit and with the sustainment of other sites,” said Shank. “We are thankful for his leadership and his commitment to the unit and the U.S. Army.”

He went on to share with the Soldiers the unique position as the commander in this assignment and the significance of the overall military mission and the partnership with our Israel allies. Capt. Douglas Brown, talked about the success of the mission was because of the troops under his command.

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