Raytheon and Rafael seek ways for Iron Dome to play in US market

June 12, 2018

Defense News:

PARIS, France — Rafael, as well as its U.S. partner Raytheon, have been on a campaign to find ways for Iron Dome, an air defense system which has been operational in Israel for many years, to play in the U.S. market and is particularly targeting some emerging and urgent U.S. Army requirements as possible avenues.

The U.S. has invested heavily in Israeli defense systems, including Iron Dome, for many years and Rafael and Raytheon share in the manufacturing of the system, where part of it is built in the U.S. and part in Israel.

Iron Dome was fielded in 2011 in Israel and has since intercepted 1,700 rocket, artillery and mortar threats with a greater than 90 percent success rate, according to Raytheon.

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