Patriot system gets caught up in Swedish politics

July 9, 2018

Defense News:

HELSINKI ― Tight budget constraints for defense have resulted in Swedish opposition leaders questioning the government’s capacity, or willingness, to release sufficient funding to the military to cover the procurement of an American-made Patriot missile system.

Sweden has already received clearance from the United States in February 2018 to proceed with a $1 billion deal to acquire a complete Patriot air defense system from Raytheon.

Latest organizational strength assessments, produced by the Swedish Armed Forces for the Ministry of Defence, suggest the military will lack adequate funding in 2019-2020 to cover its day-to-day operational needs or to proceed with key procurement programs, including the purchase of Patriot missiles.

Opposition leaders have proposed an alternative solution that would see the Patriot missile program funded through a special allocation separate from the main defense budget.

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