One Missile, Many Missions: Raytheon’s Standard Missile-6

April 13, 2018

Breaking Defense:

When it comes to Raytheon’s Standard Missile-6, there really is no comparison. It was most recently described by the Missile Defense Agency as the “Swiss Army Knife of missiles,” boasting three missions within one effector. That means a great deal to Navy commanders who have limited space onboard their ships and can wield anti-air warfare, ballistic missile defense, and anti-surface warfare all packed within one missile cell.

Considered a triple threat, the SM-6 is the most affordable missile per defended area and threat set – continuing to perform beyond expectations and its original intended mission. Originally designed to defend ships against enemy aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles when issued to the Navy in 2013, the SM-6 has redefined itself again and again by adding new capabilities to its repertoire.

By 2015 it had successfully added and proven the ability to protect ships against ballistic missile threats in their final phase of flight. A handful of months later, it demonstrated the ability to take out objects on the ocean’s surface. A test in January of 2016 resulted in the demise of the decommissioned USS Reuben James.\

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