MEADS International, Poland’s PGZ partner for missile deal

September 9, 2016



MEADS International has teamed with Poland’s Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa to bid on the country’s Wisla air defense program and related opportunities.

The agreement, covered by a letter of intent, includes the opportunity for PGZ to take a partnership role with MI alongside Lockheed Martin and MBDA. Benefits would ensure PGZ’s long-term participation in future expansion and sales of the Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS).

Through this agreement, significantly greater than 50 percent workshare, in terms of the Wisla contract value, will be perfomed by Polish Industry and Institutes, MEADS International said in a statement.

“We are honored and pleased to join with Poland’s leading defense company to offer the proven MEADS air and missile defense system in Poland,” said MEADS Vice President Tom Oles. “We are impressed with the commitment, skills, innovation and industrial capabilities of PGZ and its workforce, and we are proud to have the opportunity to work together. Our agreement is based on partnership and not just parts.”

The MEADS International and PGZ offer for the Wisla medium-range air defense program will include system engineering and integration; radar technology; PAC-3 missile co-production; production of transceiver semiconductor module assemblies and microwave monolithic integrated circuits using GaN technology; production and testing of an active radar homing seeker for short-range missiles; production of a medium-range, low-cost interceptor for the Wisła system and future use in the MEADS system.

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