German move on new ship radars paves way for missile defense role

December 9, 2016


The German military is to buy new, more capable air defence radar systems for three F-124 frigates, paving the way for the ships to become part of NATO’s broader missile defence system, a defence ministry spokesman said on Thursday.

General Volker Wieker, the top military officer, decided to buy radar systems available on the market instead of opting for a new development program or a simple replacement of the current radar systems, the spokesman said.

Experts have said the new system will cost about 450 million euros and is likely to be built by France’s Thales, which built the radars in current use, and has been chosen by the Netherlands to supply new radars for its frigates.

Development of a new system would have cost around 500 million euros and could have been led by Airbus, according to experts.

No comment was immediately available from Thales.

Germany works closely with the Dutch and Danish militaries to provide air defense capabilities…

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