Experts suggest Canada should join Missile Defence: study

July 10, 2018


A new study by the McDonald-Laurier Institute (MLI) shows that 90 per cent of experts believe Canada should co-operate with the United States on ballistic missile defence (BMD).

The MLI study, authored by Jeffrey F. Collins, who as well as being a research fellow with the Centre for the Study of Security and Development at Dalhousie University is also with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, surveys 49 of the country’s “foremost security and defence policy thinkers and practitioners.” The new MLI study is framed largely on the nuclear threat presented by North Korea.

In the Liberal defence plan — Strong, Secure Engaged — unveiled last year, the North Korean nuclear threat is  acknowledged but there is no mention of BMD. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sparked speculation about Canada joining the U.S. BMD program in the fall of last year, telling media last September that the government was “continuing to look at the situation.”

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