China tried to hack group linked to controversial missile defense system, US cybersecurity firm says

April 27, 2017


Hong Kong (CNN)A cybersecurity firm in the United States believes state-sponsored Chinese hackers were trying to infiltrate an organization with connections to a US-built missile system in South Korea that Beijing firmly opposes.

“China uses cyber espionage pretty regularly when Chinese interests are at stake to better understand facts on the ground,” John Hultquist, the director of cyber espionage analysis at FireEye, told CNN’s News Stream.

“We have evidence that they targeted at least one party that has been associated with the missile placements.”

A spokesperson with South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs told CNN there was an attempted cyber attack last month on their systems originating from China, but would not comment when asked if THAAD was targeted.

The official said “prompt defensive measures” blocked the hackers.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs told CNN the Chinese government opposes any form of cyber attack, and fights against all form of hacker activity.

“This position is consistent, clear, and serious,” it said in a statement…

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