Arrow Defense System Intercepts Syrian Missile Fired at IAF Fighter Jet

March 17, 2017

Jerusalem Post:

Israel used its Arrow missile defense system for the first time Thursday night after Israeli jets were targeted with Syrian anti-aircraft missiles during an operation over Syria.

In a rare confirmation of Israel carrying out airstrikes in Syria, the IDF said on Friday morning that “several anti-aircraft missiles were launched from Syria during the operation. One of the missiles was intercepted by the air defense systems of the IDF.”

As a result of these activities a rocket alert siren was heard in Aravot HaYarden Regional Council in Israel’s Jordan Valley,  the army statement added.

The Arrow system has been in use by Israel since the 1990s and in January the Israel Air Force officially took delivery of the first Arrow-3 interceptor, the most advanced Arrow system. Produced by IAI, the Arrow 3 forms the uppermost layer of Israel’s multilayered defense system along with the Arrow 2, David’s Sling and Iron Dome system…

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