Trump plots next moves after North Korea’s ICBM launch

August 1, 2017

The Washington Examiner:

MORE ON THE MISSILE: According to independent analysts, the missile launched last week was the same Hwasong-14 that North Korea launched July 4. The Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance, a group that lobbies for missile defense, said the test included a re-entry vehicle that was the size and weight of a notional nuclear warhead. The payload “was separated and propelled from a two stage missile to an apogee of 3,700 km, with a 47 minute flight time, which then re-entered the atmosphere at the proper angle into the Sea of Japan,” MDAA said in a statement. You can watch the reentry here, captured by fixed cameras in Japan. The missile basically went straight up and down. If It had been fired laterally, it could have reached Los Angeles, and possibly even Chicago. “The conservative range estimate of this North Korean Hwasong-14 mobile ICBM capability is around 9,500 km [5,900 miles] when put in an operational and energy efficient trajectory, proving most of the United States’ major cities are within range,” the advocacy group said…

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