“Current Missile Defense Against Threats Like North Korea Is Reliable”

February 9, 2018

PH Tribune:

North Korea have just played its propaganda theater, military parade. The regime’s leader Kim Jong-un in his Soviet-long speech said about almost everything in his speech except today’s Olympics in South Korea. But Olympics were supposed to be a sign of hope for a kind of warm up shown by North. It will be rather, as many analysts feared, another element of the Kim’s propaganda offensive but without no concessions.

“The threat is real”, said President of Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance, Mr. Riki Ellison, who has been observing closely nuclear threat from 2005, in an interview with PH Tribune. Mr. Ellison’s advocacy alliance aims to educate public about missile defense issues. He shared his knowledge about the type of threat from North Korea, Russia and also China that world is forced to confront.

PH Tribune talked to Mr. Ellison on the day when North and South Korea met first time to discuss a possibility of participation of North and South teams in Olympics, which will be opened today.

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