January 2017


Qatar is in the process of developing an initial missile defense capability as part of broader GCC efforts toward an integrated missile defense shield.

Ballistic Missile Defense Capabilities In Qatar

System Operator Number Deployed Platform
Patriot/PAC-3 United States 2 Ground-based/ mobile

Currently, the U.S. has two PAC-3 batteries in Qatar, but Qatar has not yet deployed any missile defense assets of its own.

Current Developments

In 2014 Qatar announced the purchase of roughly 10 PAC-3 batteries, and in 2015 Raytheon was awarded with the phase II contract for Qatar’s Air and Missile Defense Operations Center. The Phase II contract covers the “procurement, delivery and installation of the Qatar ADOC as well as the future integration of multiple air and missile systems into the ADOC” and is expected to be completed by 28 February 2022.  This system will need to be integrated with the assets of fellow GCC members and with the two U.S. PAC-3 batteries already in the country.


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