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July 7, 2015 | Threat News

Russian Warships to Hold Missile Exercises in Pacific Ocean

Sputnik International: Russian Pacific Fleet ship groups will hold missile firing drills in the Pacific Ocean, Eastern Military District spokesman Capt. 1st Rank Roman Martov said Monday. “During the air defense exercises, the destroyers Moroz, Inej, and Smerch will carry out launches of Malachite cruise missiles, they will simulate low-altitude, high-speed targets of the Maritime flotilla led by the guided… read more

July 7, 2015 | Threat News

S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft system, Russia’s S-400 Air Defense System to Sport New Missile

Sputnik International: General Sergei Babakov told Russian News Service radio that, together with the S-300PM1/2, the S-400 Triumf (NATO codename SA-21 Growler) had all but phased out the now outdated S-300PS missile system protecting Moscow airspace. General Babakov said that crews operating the new missile system were now being trained at military academies, retraining centers and test ranges. He… read more

July 6, 2015 | Threat News

Israeli Navy chief: Hezbollah’s anti-ship cruise missile a serious threat

i24 News: The less-than-idyllic vistas of the Middle Eastern shores has been part of the operational routine of the outgoing commander of the Navy’s Missile Boats Flotilla (Shayetet 3), Israeli Col. Eyal Harel, and his fighters, over the past three years. After nine years as a commander at sea, Harel has turned into one of… read more

July 6, 2015 | Threat News

Russia Offers Another Concession to Armenia: Advanced Ballistic Missiles

The Moscow Times: Russia is negotiating with Armenia to supply the latter with advanced Iskander-M missiles, a potentially substantial boost to Armenian defenses against a potential Azeri attack. News about the ongoing negotiations was leaked to both the Armenian and Russian press, and the timing of the leak suggests an effort to tamp down anti-Russian sentiment in ongoing street protests in Yerevan. “The contract isn’t signed yet, negotiations are still… read more

July 6, 2015 | Threat News

Disputes over missiles and arms embargo hold up Iran talks

Reuters: A dispute over U.N. sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missile program and a broader arms embargo were among issues holding up a nuclear deal between Tehran and six world powers on Monday, the day before their latest self-imposed deadline. “The Iranians want the ballistic missile sanctions lifted. They say there is no reason to connect… read more

July 2, 2015 | Threat News

PLA to put five Type 094 ballistic missile subs into service

Want China Times: After a visit by a Chinese Type 039A Yuan-class diesel-electric submarine to the port of Karachi in Pakistan on May 22, the Times of India has said that the People’s Liberation Army Navy will eventually put five Type 094 Jin-class ballistic missile submarines equipped with JL-2 submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs) into service.… read more

July 2, 2015 | Threat News

Army Commander Stresses Iran’s Defense Missile Power to Counter Enemy Threats

FARS News Agency: Iranian Ground Force Commander Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan underscored that his forces’ cutting-edge defense missiles and rockets are capable of countering any hostile move against the country. “Rocket-launching units of the Iranian Army Ground Forces possess very good capability and capacity,” Brigadier General Pourdastan told reporters on Tuesday night. “Our missiles… read more

July 2, 2015 | Threat News

China Navy Holds First Missile Combat Resupply Drill

New York Times: China’s navy held its first drill simulating the resupply of missiles in a combat environment in the Yellow Sea, the Defence Ministry said on Thursday, the latest sign of the country’s growing military prowess. The live-fire exercises, involving ships, aircraft and land-based forces, featured the firing of missiles, torpedoes and shells, some… read more

July 2, 2015 | Threat News

New Pacific Russian Nuclear Missile Submarine Facility Could Open by October

U.S. Naval Institute: Upgrades to the Russian Navy’s ballistic nuclear missile submarine (SSBN) base in the Pacific could be completed by October, Russian Navy chief Adm. Viktor Chirkov said on Wednesday according to Russian state-controlled media. The improvements to the Russian Navy’s boomer base on the Kamchatka peninsula will include improvements that will allow the… read more

June 30, 2015 | Threat News

Park urges military readiness against N. Korean provocations

Yonhap: President Park Geun-hye called on the military Tuesday to maintain its readiness to deter any possible provocation from North Korea amid growing tensions on the Korean Peninsula. She said South Korea cannot predict what type of provocations the North may stage, citing North Korea’s threats and its leader Kim Jong-un’s reign of terror. The… read more

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