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January 21, 2016 | Threat News

China Field Tests Dongfeng-31A Ballistic Missile in Extreme Weather Conditions

Defense World: The Dongfeng-31A transcontinental ballistic missile of China’s PLA Rocket Force is reported to have undergone field training in extremely cold weather conditions, China Military Online reported quoting a CCTV video report. According to the chief of staff of a missile brigade under the PLA Rocket Force, the field training this time is to… read more

January 20, 2016 | Threat News

Missile Defense Agency Head Syring on North Korean Nuclear Tests

USNI News: While terming North Korea’s most recent nuclear tests “alarming and provoking,” the director of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency said he doesn’t believe they show any increase in Pyongyang’s technical capabilities. Speaking Tuesday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington, D.C., think-tank, Vice Adm. James Syring said the United States’… read more

January 19, 2016 | Threat News

Iran to Push On With Missile Program After U.S. Sanctions

Bloomberg: Iran vowed to press ahead with its missile development in response to fresh U.S. sanctions targeting the program. The U.S. move was “devoid of any legal or ethical legitimacy,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement reported by the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency. Iran will pursue its “legal missile program and upgrade its defense capabilities”… read more

January 18, 2016 | Threat News

U.S. Sanctions 11 Iranian-Tied Entities for Role in Tehran’s Ballistic Missile Program

The Wall Street Journal: WASHINGTON—The U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned nearly a dozen Iranian-linked entities Sunday for their alleged role in Tehran’s ballistic-missile program, a move coming just hours after Washington and Tehran concluded a high-stakes prisoner swap. The Obama administration had initially notified Congress on Dec. 30 that it was sanctioning a range of companies… read more

January 18, 2016 | Threat News

Entities behind Iranian ballistic missile tests to be delisted by the JCPOA

The Hill: On July 14, 2015 the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was announced between the P5 + 1 and the Islamic Republic of Iran. The document outlined the terms of the deal, which included some incremental dismantling of Iran’s nuclear program, and in return provided billions in released frozen funding to Iran and… read more

January 18, 2016 | Threat News

Houthis reportedly fire Russian ballistic missile at Saudi forces

Albawaba News: Houthi rebels, backed by fighters from the allied popular committees, have reportedly carried out a missile attack against a hideout of Saudi foreign mercenaries in Yemen’s central province of Ma’rib. A military source, requesting anonymity, said Houthi forces launched an OTR-21 Tochka tactical ballistic missile at the al-Bairaq base late on Sunday, killing an unspecified number of Saudi and… read more

January 14, 2016 | Threat News

U.S. experts call for N.K.’s designation as terror sponsor, THAAD deployment

Yonhap News Agency: WASHINGTON, Jan. 13 (Yonhap) — The United States should relist North Korea as a terrorism sponsor and take other tough measures to punish the regime for its fourth nuclear test while upgrading missile defenses, including the deployment of a THAAD battery to South Korea, a U.S. expert said Wednesday. Victor Cha, Korea… read more

January 13, 2016 | Threat News

Russia to activate three new ballistic missile warning radars by end of 2016

IHS Jane’s 360: Russia is to activate three more of its ‘Voronezh’-series long-range early warning radar systems in 2016, as it looks to fully recapitalise its ground-based ballistic missile defence network by the end of the decade, state media announced on 12 January. Along with a further two radar stations that are currently under construction… read more

January 13, 2016 | Threat News

North Korea faked footage of its ballistic missile test

Business Insider: SEOUL (Reuters) – Footage released last week by North Koreapurporting to show the firing of a submarine-launched ballistic missile(SLBM) appears to be fake, according to studies by U.S. experts. In defiance of a U.N. ban,North Korea has said it has ballistic missiletechnology which would allow it to launch a nuclear warhead from a… read more

January 13, 2016 | Threat News

Putin keeps close eye on US missile defense efforts

Stars and Stripes: Russian President Vladimir Putin demonstrated a detailed understanding of U.S. missile defense plans during a recent interview, avoiding generalities for specifics when discussing a deployment Moscow sees as a direct strategic threat. “Naval forces that should operate as part of missile defense are deployed in Spain,” Putin said in an interview with… read more

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