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August 11, 2017 | MDAA in the News

Lack of real-world testing raises doubts on U.S. missile defenses

Reuters: WASHINGTON, Aug 9 (Reuters) – When simulating missile attacks from North Korea or Iran, the U.S. military says its defense system and network of radars allow it to successfully track and destroy incoming warheads. But test conditions do not accurately mimic those of wartime and critics are skeptical the country can truly defend itself,… read more

August 11, 2017 | MDAA in the News

Toughen Hawaii’s defenses, says former military official

Honolulu Star: A former deputy commanding general of U.S. Pacific Command said the nation needs to be “exceptionally aggressive about providing near-term capability” for the defense of Hawaii from North Korea — including looking at activating Aegis Ashore on Kauai and/or adding a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense battery in the state. “I don’t think… read more

August 11, 2017 | MDAA in the News

Isle expert dismisses ‘barking’ by N. Korea, U.S.

Honolulu Star: North Korea has been famous for its hyperbole for years. On Tuesday, a spokesman for the North Korean People’s Army said it was “carefully examining” plans for an “enveloping fire around Guam” with Hwasong-12 ballistic missiles after the “air pirates of Guam” (U.S. B-1 bombers flying over the Korean Peninsula) staged a “madcap… read more

August 8, 2017 | MDAA in the News

A Breakthrough for N. Korea: Rogue Regime Growing Stronger with Miniaturized Nuke Warhead

CBN News: North Korea has successfully created a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside missiles, a key step in the rogue regime’s ambitions to become a nuclear power, according to a confidential U.S. report released Tuesday. The report, reviewed by The Washington Post (ITALICS), shows North Korea has made a breakthrough and can now… read more

August 1, 2017 | MDAA in the News

Trump plots next moves after North Korea’s ICBM launch

The Washington Examiner: MORE ON THE MISSILE: According to independent analysts, the missile launched last week was the same Hwasong-14 that North Korea launched July 4. The Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance, a group that lobbies for missile defense, said the test included a re-entry vehicle that was the size and weight of a notional nuclear… read more

July 27, 2017 | MDAA in the News

U.S. blames operator for missile defense test failure

Honolulu Star Advertiser: A sailor’s computer input error on the Pearl Harbor-based destroyer USS John Paul Jones apparently caused an $80 million missile defense test failure off the coast of Kauai on June 21, according to A medium-range ballistic target missile was launched that night from the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai. The… read more

July 21, 2017 | MDAA in the News

Raytheon interceptor ruled out as cause of failed test

Arizona Daily Star: A ballistic-missile interceptor made by Tucson-based Raytheon Missile Systems has been ruled out as the cause of a failed intercept test in late June, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency says. The agency also eliminated the Aegis Weapon System, made by Lockheed Martin, as the cause of the failure of a June 22… read more

July 11, 2017 | MDAA in the News

Congressional delegation at odds with experts on defending Hawaii

Stars and Stripes Okinawa: HONOLULU (Tribune News Service) — Hawaii is now within reach of North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles after the rogue nation’s successful test launch on July 3, some experts maintain. So what should be done to better protect the state? Hawaii’s congressional delegation continues to place faith in 36 ground-based interceptor missiles,… read more

July 11, 2017 | MDAA in the News

Kim Jong-un promotes head of North Korea’s missile agency after ICBM test ‘success’

Express: Jang Chang-ha, the communist state’s new colonel general was reportedly rewarded for helping Pyongyang’s missile development agency refine the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) while he was leader of the group. The Hwasong-14 ICBM was test-fired last Tuesday and has the power to hit the US states of Alaska and Hawaii, according to experts. David… read more

July 7, 2017 | MDAA in the News

Blocking the missiles

The Times and Democrat: The North Korean Dearest Leader — or whatever they’re calling the new one — can’t lob a nuke onto the U.S. mainland. Yet…. But he can probably hit Alaska. Or will be able to, soon enough. The North Korean people may be starving, but Kim Jong Un’s regime is pouring resources… read more

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