MDAA Alerts

September 30, 2014

Build It and They Will Not Come

Dear Members and Friends, Today, September 30, 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of operations of the U.S. Ground-Based Midcourse missile defense system defending our entire nation from long-range ballistic missile threats. The first development and deployment of a kinetic energy interceptor able to protect and defend all 50 states against an intercontinental nuclear ballistic missile is an historic and meritorious… read more

September 19, 2014

Informational Flow

Dear Members and Friends, Yesterday, MDAA hosted and set a precedent in its platform on educational advocacy for missile defense to the American public through their representation in Congress. We attained a unique format of recently retired U.S. missile defense war fighters from the three services involved with missile defense. MDAA’s format covered the full… read more

September 17, 2014

Iron Dome: An Assessment

Dear Members and Friends, The Iron Dome is the most heavily used rocket and mortar defense system in the world. It is a model for how effective missile and rocket defense systems are when put into action. An objective way to look at Iron Dome’s impact is to compare the damage from similar mass rocket… read more

August 25, 2014

Great Danes

Denmark has announced that they will contribute to NATO’s missile defense architecture in Europe by enhancing their naval frigates with ballistic missile defense radars. This contribution will enable greater protection of Europe and help supplement the ongoing implementation of President Obama’s European Phased Adaptive Approach to defend Europe from Iranian missile threats. Adding Danish ships… read more

May 14, 2014

On Top of the World

Dear Members and Friends,   The highest point in North America is Mt. McKinley, Alaska. The single most ideal place to protect and defend the entire North American Continent from air breathing and space breathing threats fired from countries in the Northern Hemisphere is from the high ground of Alaska. Polar routes circumventing the globe… read more

October 4, 2013

Again and Again!

Dear Members and Friends, Over and over again, the United States is testing the current missile defense capability found on our fleets and around the world in defense and deterrence against nations with modern sophisticated ballistic missiles with great success. It is a testament to our nation and its fortitude to actively test, with persistence,… read more

April 5, 2013

All For One and One For All

Dear Members and Friends, Today, North Korea has locked and loaded two of their Musudan intermediate-range missiles, a variation of the Russian SSN-6.  These missile are on their East Coast and directly face Japan and have the range to reach all of Japan (Okinawa included), South Korea, and Guam. Between these North Korean missiles and… read more

October 25, 2012

Five in the Sky

Dear Members and Friends, Early this morning, on and off the atolls of Kwajalein, in the South Pacific, our nation’s missile defense war fighters, from across our military service branches, fought together as one integrated force to simultaneously track and take down five fast moving air and space targets, in the sky. This demonstrated a… read more

July 11, 2012

Where East Meets West

Dear Members and Friends, Halfway between Taiwan and the main islands of Japan, protruding from the ocean depths where the East China Sea joins the Philippine Sea lies the small strategic island of Okinawa, Japan.  The island is in a critical, geographical location within an hour’s plane flight from Taiwan, China, South Korea, Philippines, and… read more

June 25, 2012

Making Waves

Dear Members and Friends, In the upper waters of the East China Sea between the Korean peninsula and China mainland, off the coast of Inchon, Korea, navy war ships from Korea, Japan, and the United States participated together in a show of unification in exercising integrated military force along with Korean and U.S. land and… read more

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