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March 18, 2019 | Threat News

IRGC Commander: All of Israel within reach of Hezbollah’s missiles

All of Israel is within range of Hezbollah’s missiles, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Maj.-Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari said in an interview with Iranian media on Sunday. “The current status quo and the current capabilities of the Resistance Front of the Islamic Revolution are all the unique accomplishments of the Islamic Revolution… read more

March 15, 2019 | Threat News

Panel: China Leading the World in Hypersonic Weapon Development

USNI News: China is leading the world in hypersonic technology due to Beijing setting a clear investment strategy to its industrial base, a panel of national security experts said Monday. “[The U.S.] commercial sector [and] Silicon Valley will never ever develop” the technologies associated with hypersonic weapons, Roger Zakheim, a member of the National Defense… read more

March 15, 2019 | Threat News

Second group of Chinese servicemen starts training to learn to operate S-400 systems

TASS: MOSCOW, March 15. /TASS/. About 100 servicemen of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) who will serve in China’s second regiment of S-400 Triumf air defense missile systems have started their training in Russia to learn to operate these weapons, a source in military and diplomatic circles told TASS on Friday. “About 100 PLA… read more

March 14, 2019 | Threat News

Intel firm: Satellite images back report of new Iranian missile plant in Syria

Times of Israel – New satellite images give credence to reports that a new factory in Syria’s northwest is a facility for the production of surface-to-surface (SSM) missiles, an Israeli intelligence-gathering firm said Wednesday. The plant near the city of Safita was first reported upon last month by Channel 12 news, which said Israeli officials believe… read more

March 12, 2019 | Threat News

Zircon missile to be test-launched from Admiral Gorshkov frigate at end of 2019 — source

TASS: MOSCOW, March 12. /TASS/. Russian hypersonic missile Zircon will be launched from a military ship for thie first time at the end of 2019, a source in the Russian military-industrial complex told TASS on Tuesday. “Trials of launching a missile from a naval vessel are planned to start at the end of the year.… read more

March 11, 2019 | Threat News

Iran Kicks Off Mass Producing New Combat Drone and Akhgar Missile

(Tech Gadgeteer) – The mass-production lines of Kaman-12 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Akhgar Missiles.Most parts and structures in all science and engineering fields have legal standard lifetime, so that after termination of lifetime of relevant parts, it is necessary to replace them with new ones. Read the full article… read more

March 8, 2019 | Threat News

Russian cruise missile frigate to start first long-distance voyage in the Atlantic

TASS: MURMANSK, March 7. /TASS/. The Russian Northern Fleet’s missile frigate Admiral Gorshkov will enter the Atlantic Ocean on Friday after passing through the English Channel, Fleet spokesman Vadim Serga told journalists on Thursday. “Today, a group of the Northern Fleet’s ship and support vessels comprising the frigate Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet… read more

March 7, 2019 | Threat News

Movement at North Korea ICBM plant viewed as missile-related, South says

(Reuters) – New activity has been detected at a North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles plant, South Korean media said on Thursday, as U.S. President Donald Trump said he would be very disappointed if Pyongyang rebuilt a rocket site. Movement of cargo vehicles was spotted recently around a factory at Sanumdong in Pyongyang, which produced North… read more

March 6, 2019 | Threat News

North Korea rebuilding rocket launch site after failed summit, reports say

Fox News: North Korea is restoring a rocket launch site it had dismantled as part of its disarmament pledge last year — just a week after a nuclear summit between Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump ended without an agreement, reports said Wednesday. New satellite images show that efforts to rebuild some structures at… read more

March 5, 2019 | Threat News

Russia to train 100 Chinese servicemen for second regiment of S-400 — source

TASS: MOSCOW, March 5. /TASS/. About 100 Chinese military servicemen will undergo a course of instruction in Russia in March-June in the operation of the air defense system S-400 Triumf. They will be trained to operate the second regimental set of this system, to be handed over to China in the second half of the… read more

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