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November 9, 2015 | Threat News

Revealed: Russia Test-Fired Nuclear Missiles

The Diplomat: Last week, the Russian military conducted weapon drills involving its strategic nuclear forces and high-precision long-range weapons, according to TASS.  The aim of the military exercise was to test the combat readiness of Russia’s nuclear triad. A Russian Ministry of Defense press release stated that the war games tested “the reliability of relaying… read more

November 5, 2015 | Threat News

Russia Delivers Missile Systems to Syria to Avert Stealing of Warplanes

Sputnik Russia has delivered missile defense systems to Syria in order to prevent the possibility of Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft from being stolen, as well as to return fire, Russian Aerospace Forces Commander Viktor Bondarev said Thursday. “We have taken into account all possible threats. We have sent not only fighters, attack aircraft, bombers, and… read more

November 4, 2015 | Threat News

Russia Set to Scrap 17 Outdated Topol Missile Launchers by 2017

Sputnik The Topol entered service with the Russian Strategic Missile Forces in 1988 and is being gradually replaced with more advanced Topol-M and Yars mobile missile systems. According to a post on the website of state purchase orders, the company is looking for a contractor to dismantle 17 Topol launches from a missile unit based in the Udmurt Republic in Russia’s Volga Region “in line with a… read more

November 3, 2015 | Threat News

Iran taking key step toward implementation of nuclear accord

The Jerusalem Post: Iran has begun taking its uranium enriching centrifuges off-line, a key step toward implementation of the nuclear accord reached in July with world powers, the country’s atomic energy chief said. Signatories of the agreement are working toward a day of implementation, to be declared once Iran completes a specific set of tasks.… read more

November 3, 2015 | Threat News

Russia to Develop Counter Measures to US Missile Defense System in Europe

Sputnik: The need for a corresponding response to the deployment of the US missile defense system near Russian borders was previously announced by former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Majevski said that the development of the response measures is a forced move which resulted from the US’ excessive doctrine of a “prompt global strike”. He also added that his enterprise is ready to take necessary… read more

November 3, 2015 | Threat News

Russia to Create New Space Launches Using Satan Ballistic Missiles by 2017

Sputnik: “We are currently creating the next generation of a system that is unified and may serve space launches of not only the RS-20B, but also other types of missiles that have been removed from military service. The new system of the starting position has already undergone preliminary testing and the work is planned to be finished by 2017,” United Instrument Construction Corporation… read more

November 3, 2015 | Threat News

New Anti-Ship Missile Gives China’s Subs a Long Reach

Epoch Times: Dozens of China’s nuclear- and non-nuclear-powered submarines, as well as surface ships, will pose a significant threat to American naval assets with the deployment of a new anti-ship cruise missile, U.S. naval intelligence says. The U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence confirmed that the Chinese regime produced and deployed its YJ-18 anti-ship cruise missile… read more

November 3, 2015 | Threat News

Kim Jong Un Seeks ‘Modern And Precise’ Rockets, Think Tank Says North Korea Has Ballistic Missiles Capable Of Hitting US

International Business Times North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has called for the modernization of anti-aircraft rockets with better “precision” during a firing drill in a western division of the inter-Korean border, the country’s state media reported Tuesday, according to Yonhap News Agency. Kim’s instructions to his military comes a day after South Korean Defense Minister Han… read more

November 2, 2015 | Threat News

NATO Chief: Russia Tested Missile Last Month In Violation of INF Treaty

Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Liberty: NATO’s top military commander says Russia tested a missile last month that appeared to violate a Cold War-era arms control treaty that is in increasing danger of unraveling. U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove did not identify the missile or give further details, except to say it was the latest… read more

November 2, 2015 | Threat News

Russia Holds War Games Involving Numerous Missile Launches

ABC News: The Russian military has conducted a series of ballistic and cruise missile launches from sites across the country in the latest demonstration of the nation’s resurgent military might. The Defense Ministry said Friday the exercise has involved launches from sites on the ground, at sea and in the air in what appeared to… read more

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