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October 1, 2015 | Missile Defense News

America needs a global missile defense plan

The Hill: The Iran deal marks a new phase in the nuclear age: the advent of new nuclear states. It dramatically increases the probability of Iran joining nuclear weapons to its substantial ballistic missile inventory — either when the agreement ends or sooner, should Iran decide to “break-out” of the deal. At the same time,… read more

October 1, 2015 | Missile Defense News

NDAA Conference Report Supports Possible East Coast Missile Defense Site

Defense News: The National Defense Authorization Act that has emerged from conference negotiations would add $30 million for the planning and design of an East Coast missile defense site and speed up its possible deployment, a victory for some congressional Republicans who have long fought for traction to move forward with the possible project. Language… read more

September 30, 2015 | Missile Defense News

Patriot exercise in Crete could signal more frequent training

Stars and Stripes: Many Patriot crew team members go whole careers without taking part in a single live-fire launch, but this week Army Spc. Harold Holland will be one of the lucky ones to watch the multimillion-dollar missile take flight over the Mediterranean. “The closest I’ve ever gotten to actually seeing one fire is on… read more

September 30, 2015 | Missile Defense News

The hills are alive with the sound of rocket fire

Times of Israel: After a rocket is intercepted over the skies of Ashdod on Monday night, interrupting an outdoor production of “The Sound of Music,” the Hebrew papers on Tuesday wonder if Israel ought to expect an encore of last summer’s Gaza war. Meanwhile, an Arab lawmaker’s outburst on the Temple Mount has pundits questioning… read more

September 30, 2015 | Missile Defense News

Impact of U.S. defense policy bill on arms programs

Reuters: U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday unveiled a compromise version of the annual $612 billion defense authorization bill that includes measures aimed at reforming how the Pentagon buys weapons and shifts funding to some key weapons programs. Following is list of some key aspects of the bill, which includes funding provisions that anger Democrats and could… read more

September 29, 2015 | Missile Defense News

Carney Arrival Completes BMD Build-Up at Rota

Seapower: The Sept. 25 arrival of the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Carney at Naval Station Rota, Spain, completes a two-year build-up of sea-based ballistic-missile defense (BMD) capability for U.S. European Command. Carney, formerly based in Mayport, Fla., joined three other destroyers — USS Donald Cook, USS Ross and USS Porter — forward-deployed to Rota.… read more

September 29, 2015 | Missile Defense News

SMDC has high hopes for low-cost launcher

Army Press Release: In times of continuing budgetary constraints, the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command, or USASMDC/ARSTRAT, is saving the taxpayers by not only designing low-cost targets, but also by designing low-cost launch vehicles. Members of the USASMDC/ARSTRAT Test Execution Support Division developed a transportable, mission-configurable, 25,000 pounds-capacity Transportable Target… read more

September 29, 2015 | Missile Defense News

2nd LAAD perfects surface-to-air defense skills

DVIDS: The sound of stinger missile rounds cracked though the air like strikes of lightning as Marines with 2nd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion honed their surface-to-air defense skills, here, Sept. 24. Alpha battery Marines fine-tuned their tactical proficiency skills with the FIM-92 Stinger Missile. The weapon is a personal and portable, infrared, homing, surface-to-air… read more

September 29, 2015 | Missile Defense News

Eight Years Of NFIRE Support Comes To A Close For Orbital ATK

Satnews: Sponsored by the U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA), and built at Orbital ATK’s satellite manufacturing facility in Gilbert, Arizona, NFIRE was originally designed as a one-year mission to collect data from exhaust “plume” observations of boosting rockets with the intent to advance launch detection and tracking systems. The addition of the Laser Communications Terminal… read more

September 28, 2015 | Missile Defense News

Polish Parliament agrees to ratify military base

Radio Poland: As many as 422 MPs voted for the bill, with three voting against, and five abstaining. The agreement, which accompanies the decision to locate anti-ballistic missile bases in Poland, concerns the conditions of the proper functioning of the US missile defense system. The restrictions discussed apply to the height of buildings surrounding the… read more

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