MDAA Alerts

January 7, 2015

Ahead of the Curve

The Republic of South Korea released its 2015 Defense White paper yesterday assessing the current threat from North Korea. In its report, the South Korean Ministry of Defense, their equivalent to the Pentagon, stated that North Korea has made significant advancements on nuclear warhead miniaturization and progress towards the capability to mount nuclear warheads on… read more

January 6, 2015

Bring in the New Year

Dear Members and Friends, The past year has been one of record-breaking accomplishments for our Alliance. MDAA has broken new ground in the number, the diversity and quality of our events around the world, increasing partnerships domestically and globally for missile defense. Together, we have achieved a level of consensus, recognition and enthusiasm for the development of… read more

December 19, 2014

Just In Time for the Holidays

Dear Members and Friends, This week it was announced that 100 U.S. Soldiers from the 108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina will man and operate two large aerostats based out of Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland that will for the first time give complete, persistent 360-degrees air coverage of any moving… read more

December 19, 2014

President Obama Can Answer DPRK Cyber-Attack With THAAD Deployment to South Korea

Washington D.C. – December 19, 2014 – As the United States considers its options to respond to North Korea’s cyber attack against Sony Pictures, the Chairman of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance ( suggested in a Thursday statement that the U.S. President could respond to the attack by following through on the deployment of Terminal… read more

December 18, 2014

“The Interview” Repercussions

U.S. Government officials have indicated that they believe the cyber-attacks against Sony Pictures to prevent the release of their upcoming movie The Interview were at the very least sanctioned by the North Korean government. There is little that the United States can do to respond to the North Korean cyber-attack. As U.S. officials told reporters… read more

December 18, 2014

China’s Hypersonic Missiles Not Invulnerable to Missile Defense

Washington D.C. – December 18, 2014 – Responding to China’s recent hypersonic missile tests, MDAA Chairman Riki Ellison stated on Wednesday that the Hypersonic Glide Vehicles (HGVs) could be vulnerable to ballistic missile defense (BMD) given adequate investments to upgrade existing U.S. BMD systems. Current U.S. BMD systems use mathematical algorithms to target a ballistic missile… read more

December 17, 2014

Hypersonic Threat

Dear Members and Friends, Over this past year, the newest threat to deliver force quickly, project power outside of national borders and in a launch platform that does not obey ballistic trajectories is being developed and flight tested by the two major super powers of the world: China and the United States. This highly advanced… read more

December 15, 2014

U.S. Missile Defense Soldiers Overburdened, Under Resourced

Ft. Bliss, Texas – December 15, 2014 – MDAA Chairman and Founder Riki Ellison, who recently visited with soldiers of the 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command (AAMDC), released a statement on Friday concerning the unequal burden these troops are forced to shoulder. Mr. Ellison said that this inequity stems from the “constant demand”… read more

December 15, 2014

Senator Carl Levin

Dear Members and Friends, We give due recognition to one of America’s true Statesmen, the Chairman of the United States Senate Armed Services Committee, Senator Carl Levin, who is retiring, serving in the Senate since 1979 and has been at the forefront of missile defense for our nation, our allies, Israel and the debate on… read more

December 12, 2014

Swift and Sure

Out in West Texas by the Rio Grande, on the border with Mexico is the world’s biggest force provider for air and missile defense systems and soldiers. Based in Fort Bliss, Texas is our nation’s largest Air and Missile Defense Command (AAMDC), the 32nd AAMDC. This command has four brigades, possessing 11 of our country’s… read more

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