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July 2, 2015

Poke the Bear

With two years remaining in the Obama Administration’s failed “blunder and no thunder” foreign policy towards Russian aggression,  the risk of fracture in the NATO alliance is at its highest. President Putin, with his highest approval ratings, is coveting this two year window of opportunity to bully President Obama and break the will of the… read more

June 18, 2015

Chairman Forbes Presses Navy on Pull Back of BMD Cruisers

Yesterday, the House Sea Power and Projection Forces Subcommittee, which provides Congressional oversight for the  U.S. Navy’s fleet requirements, held a hearing on the capacity of U.S. Navy to project power with large surface combatants. During the hearing, the Chairman of the Committee, Congressman Randy Forbes, pressed the Navy on its proposal to indefinitely lay up… read more

June 17, 2015

Out of Balance

In today’s intensifying and complex world that increasingly challenges the status quo of U.S. power and influence, it is vital that United States’ strategic deterrence is strengthened in both capability and intent. These challenges to U.S. strategic power are coming clear and apparent from the major powers of China and Russia, but also from smaller… read more

June 12, 2015

Senate Appropriations Adds $262 Million to MDA Budget

The Senate Committee on Appropriations, chaired by Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS), passed its final mark of the FY2016 Defense Appropriations Bill yesterday, which appropriates funding the Department of Defense’s annual operating budget. From the committee’s summary: Missile Defense – The bill provides $8.2 billion for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), an increase of $262 million… read more

June 7, 2015

Maiden Flight

The United States and Japan have successfully launched the first maiden flight of the world’s newest missile defense interceptor, the Standard Missile 3 Block IIA. The flight test was conducted off of San Nicolas Island on the Point Mugu Sea Range northwest of Malibu on the Southern California coast. The new interceptor was developed through… read more

June 6, 2015

Saudi Arabia Intercepts Missile

“Praise God, we have air defence forces capable of blocking these kinds of rockets, destroying them and thwarting attempts like this.” – Saudi Arabia Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri Today, Saudi Arabia successfully intercepted a Scud missile fired by Yemen Houthi Militia towards the city of Khamees Mushait and the largest Saudi Arabian Air Force Base:… read more

June 5, 2015

We are as One

This past week we took the opportunity to recognize one of our greatest allies in missile defense, Japan, and the substantial partnership both of our countries have in the co- development of the newest interceptor missile, the SM-3 Block IIA. No other ally of the United States has committed to sharing the financial burden in… read more

June 3, 2015

For the Defense of North America

With the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), which the United States and Canada established 57 years ago this month, together with our U.S. Northern Combatant Command (USNORTHCOM), established in October of 2002 for the defense of the North America, MDAA recognized with honor and dignity the 2015 NORAD & US NORTHCOM Missile Warning and… read more

May 27, 2015

Clear Skies Ahead

The U.S. Department of Defense has announced its selection of Clear Air Force Station (AFS) in central Alaska as the location of a new land based missile defense sensor to provide North America an extensive and persistent capability for the tracking and discrimination of long-range ballistic missiles from North Korea. Clear AFS, on the foothills… read more

May 22, 2015

Missile Defense in Europe

Dear Members and Friends, This week, MDAA held its fourth Congressional Roundtable Discussion on Capitol Hill, focusing on missile defense in Europe. Our speakers at this event were Counselor Alexander Trofimov, the Political and Military Affairs Counselor from the Russian Embassy for the Russian Federation, Ambassador Robert Joseph, former Special Envoy on Nuclear Nonproliferation and… read more

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