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9/12/2011 - Iranian Nuclear Plant Steps up Operations
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Iran's first nuclear power plant stepped up operations Monday after more than a decade of delays, pumping out electricity at up to 40 percent capacity and marking a major step forward in the Islamic Republic's nuclear program.

The Bushehr nuclear plant - which officials say could begin full-power operations in December - is also a cornerstone of Iran's drive to become a technological leader among Muslim nations with efforts such as a space program and long-range missile development.

The U.S. and its allies accuse Iran of using its civilian nuclear program as a cover to develop nuclear weapons. Iran denies the claim and says it only seeks reactors for energy and scientific research.

Senior Iranian and Russian officials attended celebrations for the official launch of the 1000-megawatt Bushehr plant on the Gulf. It began to generate between 350 to 400 megawatts of electricity, equal to 35 to 40 percent of the reactor's full capacity.

The Russian-built plant was connected to the national power grid for a test run Sept. 4, generating 60 megawatts.

Iranian Vice President Fereidoun Abbasi told State TV that full-capacity operations are expected to begin in December after a series of additional tests.

"The facility will reach its full capacity - that means 1,000 megawatts - in December," the TV quoted Abbasi as saying.

Russia's Rosatom chief Sergei Kiriyenko called Monday's launch a "big celebration" and a symbol of Tehran-Moscow cooperation, although there are no current plans for Russian help with future reactors planned by Iran.

The launch of the plant has been delayed for more than a decade over technical and construction setbacks.

Although the West has been deeply suspicious of Iran's nuclear aims, Washington has not opposed Iran's push for atomic reactors for energy and research.

Last October, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton made a clear distinction between Bushehr and other nuclear efforts - such as uranium enrichment - that Washington worries could lead to weapons production.

"Iran is entitled to the peaceful use of nuclear power," she said after speaking at a U.N. Security Council meeting. "They are not entitled to a nuclear weapons program."

Russia has promised to have full oversight of the nuclear fuel used in the plant.

The Bushehr project dates back to 1974, when Iran's U.S.-backed Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi contracted with the German company Siemens to build the reactor. The company withdrew from the project after the 1979 Islamic Revolution toppled the shah and brought hard-line clerics to power.

In 1992, Iran signed a $1 billion deal with Russia to complete the project. Work began in 1995 with a timetable to begin operations in 1999.

Earlier this year, foreign intelligence reports said the plant's control systems were penetrated by Stuxnet, a malicious computer software.

Iran maintained that Stuxnet was only found on several laptops belonging to plant employees and didn't affect the facility. Tehran later blamed the U.S. and Israel of being behind Stuxnet, saying the worm was part of a covert plan by Iran's enemies to sabotage its nuclear program.

The AP

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6/28/2011 Iran Unveils Missile Silos as It Begins War Games
6/28/2011 Iran test-fires 14 missiles during military drills
6/28/2011 Guard chief: Iran is capable of manufacturing even longer-range missiles but won't make them
6/27/2011 Iran starts major missile maneuver: commander
6/26/2011 UNSC reports alleged fresh violations of sanctions regime on Iran
6/15/2011 China and allies back Russia against U.S. missile shield
6/15/2011 Russia has no plan to reconsider relations with Iran
6/7/2011 Iranian navy sends submarines to Red Sea
6/2/2011 Peres: World Needs Missile Defense System Against Iran
6/2/2011 Hugo Chavez condemns US sanctions over Iran, jokes about missile being pointed at US
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5/24/2011 Israel: New Iranian Missile Likely Bound for Hezbollah
5/17/2011 'Die Welt': Iran Building Rocket Bases in Venezuela
5/10/2011 Iran Deploys Home-Made Missile System in All Air-Defense Units
4/25/2011 Israel, US Bases Within the Range of Iranian Missiles, Commander says
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4/7/2011 Iran to Produce New Cruise Missiles
3/23/2011 Iran Cited for Arms Violations, Rockets for Taliban
3/16/2011 Turkey Stops Iranian Plane En Route to Syria
3/16/2011 Israeli Navy Intercepts Egypt-bound Ship With Arms
3/10/2011 World Powers Press Iran to Cooperate with IAEA
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12/9/2010 US defence chief in Gulf to discuss Iran, Yemen
12/9/2010 Iranians want nuclear arms, US survey finds
12/8/2010 No progress evident in Iran nuclear talks
12/8/2010 Defector 'saw N.Korean technicians' in Tehran
12/6/2010 Iran says it's now fully self-sufficient at producing uranium
12/3/2010 Clinton says Iran, North Korea could spark arms races
12/2/2010 US lawmaker warns of 'evil twins' Iran, NKorea
12/1/2010 Experts cast doubt on Iran missile cache
11/30/2010 Secret cables reveal that U.S. believes Iran has advanced missiles
11/30/2010 Iran Fortifies Its Arsenal With the Aid of North Korea
11/30/2010 Ahmadinejad: Iran's nuclear program hit by sabotage
11/24/2010 Adviser to Ahmadinejad Says West's Sanctions Have Failed
11/19/2010 NATO leaders to avoid citing Iran as missile threat
11/18/2010 Iran claims missile defense advancements
11/18/2010 Iran says tests own model of Russian S-300 missile
11/17/2010 Iran starts "biggest" air defense war games
11/17/2010 Military action won't stop Iran nuclear program: US
11/17/2010 Iran Readies Missile Defense System
11/16/2010 Iran Begins Air Defense Drills: Report
11/16/2010 Iran says NATO missile shield serves Israeli interests
11/15/2010 Iran Developing Long-range Radar, Upgraded Missile Defense
11/12/2010 Obama extends freeze on Iranian assets
11/10/2010 Iran says to test own model of Russia S-300 missile
11/10/2010 Iran's rights to nuclear non-negotiable: Ahmadinejad
11/9/2010 Turkey to host Iran talks 'soon'
10/28/2010 Obama Set to Offer Stricter Nuclear Deal to Iran
10/28/2010 Iran to stage major drill in November: report
10/27/2010 After mending leak, Iran begins loading fuel into nuclear plant
10/26/2010 .Iran begins inserting fuel into nuclear plant core
10/26/2010 U.N. nuclear chief wants "concrete steps" from Iran
10/25/2010 Iran Upgrades Missile Systems
10/21/2010 Iran, trying to skirt sanctions, attempts to set up banks worldwide
10/21/2010 Iran has 30 kg of high level uranium: atomic chief
10/19/2010 Turkey objects to NATO missile shield targeting Iran
10/19/2010 Iran doesn't need nuclear weapons: Pakistan
10/18/2010 U.S. says Chinese businesses and banks are bypassing U.N. sanctions against Iran
10/15/2010 Iranian Missile Enhancements Appear in N. Korea
10/14/2010 Iran leader in Hezbollah stronghold
10/12/2010 Iran to show proof of US nuclear aid to Israel: negotiator
10/7/2010 Russia to return $166.8 million prepayment to Iran for S-300 missiles (Update 1)
10/6/2010 Iran Opposition Calls for Referendum on Ahmadinejad
10/5/2010 UAE implements Iran sanctions
10/4/2010 Ahmadinejad says Mideast to expel US with 'kick in butt'
10/4/2010 Iranian officials call latest U.S. sanctions 'desperate'
9/30/2010 Start-up of Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant delayed
9/30/2010 U.S. imposes new Iran sanctions
9/28/2010 Ahmadinejad defends 9/11 remarks
9/23/2010 Iran displays advanced missile at military parade
9/23/2010 Iran's paramilitary force gets new missile
9/23/2010 Iran to Build Own Air Defense System After Russia Withholds S-300 Missiles
9/23/2010 World powers seek talks with Iran
9/20/2010 Ahmadinejad says future is Iran's
9/15/2010 Huge Saudi arms deal aimed at Iran, Yemen troubles: analysts
9/9/2010 Iran Remains Defiant, Nuclear Agency Says
9/9/2010 South Korea imposes independent sanctions on Iran
8/23/2010 Iran’s President Unveils New Long-Range Drone Aircraft
8/23/2010 Iran Launches Assault Boats with Warning
8/23/2010 Iran Opens Its First Nuclear Power Plant
8/13/2010 Russia Moving Ahead With Iran Nuclear Reactor
8/5/2010 Debate Iran? No, but Talks Are Possible
7/28/2010 Iran Ready to Resolve Dispute Over Nuclear Program, with Conditions
7/15/2010 Sanctions Tighten Pressure on Iran's Oil Industry
7/14/2010 Russia, Iran Sign Energy Agreement Despite UN Sanctions
7/14/2010 Dubai curbs Iran trade under Sanctions Regime Hurting Business
7/8/2010 Sen. Lieberman Says Force May be Needed in Iran
7/8/2010 Ahmadinejad Brands US World's Dictator Ahead of Summit
7/1/2010 Iran Arms Syria With Radar
7/1/2010 Iran planning to manufacture long-range anti-air missiles
6/29/2010 Iran's Ahmadinejad faults sanctions, delays nuclear talks till late August
6/29/2010 NATO report: Focus on Iran and missile defense, have 'strategic patience' on peace plans
6/29/2010 U.S. to cooperate with Russia on global missile defense system
6/28/2010 Report: UAE freezes 41 UN-banned Iran accounts
6/28/2010 Report: Total halts petrol sales to Iran
6/28/2010 Russia alarmed by CIA view of Iran's weapons
6/28/2010 G8 leaders keep pressure on Iran, N.Korea
6/23/2010 UAE Shut 40 Firms for Illegal Trade with Iran
6/23/2010 Iran Warns Russia over Failure to Deliver S-300 Missile Systems
6/22/2010 US Lawmakers Unveil Iran Sanctions Bill
6/21/2010 Two IAEA inspectors denied entry into Iran
6/21/2010 Iran defends missile buildup after US allegation
6/21/2010 Report: UAE closes firms violating Iran sanctions
6/17/2010 Iran Raises Stakes by Announcing Four New Nuclear Reactors
6/15/2010 Iran drafting bill to reduce UN atomic agency ties: MP
6/15/2010 Iran's Revolutionary Guard dismisses UN sanctions
6/15/2010 Iran Cleric makes Veiled call for Nuclear Arms
6/14/2010 Beyond Iran Sanctions: Plans B,C and D
6/14/2010 Gates Criticizes Turkey's Vote Against Sanctions
6/14/2010 Saudis May Let Israeli Jets Fly Over For Iran Raids
6/14/2010 Iran urges Russia to deliver S-300 defense system: MP
6/10/2010 Analysis: Sanctions Unlikely to Stop Iran
6/9/2010 U.S, Russia and France Dismiss Iran Proposal
6/8/2010 U.S. Presses Its Case Against Iran Ahead of Vote
6/7/2010 Iran to Defend Rights if New Sanctions Imposed
6/3/2010 US Seeks UN Vote on Iran Sanctions by June 21
6/1/2010 IAEA Report Reduces Chances of Iran Fuel Swap
5/27/2010 Iran warns US to accept 'final offer' to end nuclear row
5/27/2010 Moscow’s opportunism in the Middle East
5/24/2010 Israel Impatient with Effort to Thwart Iran's Ambition
5/24/2010 Iranian Says Uranium Deal Off if Sanctions Are On
5/21/2010 U.N. sanctions loophole: Russia can send missiles to Iran
5/21/2010 Iran, Brazil, Turkey sign nuclear declaration
5/17/2010 Iran Offers to Ship Uranium as Sanctions Loom
5/13/2010 U.S. Gave Contracts to 7 Firms Involved in Iran Energy
5/11/2010 Iranian Missiles Could Target W. Europe by 2014: IISS
5/6/2010 IAEA Chief Launches Push for Answers From Iran
5/4/2010 Iran Moves to Challenge U.S. in Mideast: Gates
5/3/2010 Iran Says Develops Short-range Missile Defense
4/26/2010 Iran Fires Short-Range Missiles in Gulf War Games
4/21/2010 Iran Guards to Test Missiles in Three-Day Drill
4/20/2010 Iranian Missile May Be Able to Hit U.S. by 2015
4/19/2010 Pentagon's Mullen: Diplomacy First in Options on Iran
4/19/2010 Iran says has Military Might to Deter Attacks
4/19/2010 Gates Says U.S. Lacks a Policy to Thwart Iran
4/14/2010 US Officials: Iran Nuclear Bomb Probable in 3-5 Yrs
4/12/2010 Iran is Not Yet 'Nuclear Capable': US Defense Chief
4/8/2010 Russia to Deliver S-300 to Iran
4/8/2010 Iran Derides Obama's 'Cowboy' Nuclear Stance
4/6/2010 Iran Urges Russia to Resist Missile Sale Pressure
4/6/2010 Sanctions Will Not Deter Nuclear Goals: Iran
3/31/2010 Iran Keeping Nuke Options Open
3/18/2010 Iran’s Missile Launch Site Points to North Korea
3/16/2010 Iran's Nuclear Bomb Effort Has Slowed: U.S. General
3/2/2010 Iran Could Face Expanded Sea-Based Checks
2/24/2010 United States Will Use Banks to Thwart Iran Nukes
2/23/2010 Iranian Letter Repeats Rejected Nuclear Swap Terms
2/18/2010 UN Agency Worried Iran May be Working on Arms
2/16/2010 Iran Could Seek Ballistic Missile Defenses
2/16/2010 Russia to Supply S-300 Anti-aircraft Missile Defense System to Iran
2/15/2010 Iran says it has New Nuclear Proposal from West
2/11/2010 Iran Angered Over S-300 Delays
2/9/2010 Iran's Nuclear Threat to NATO
2/8/2010 Iran Launches Production Lines for Unmanned Planes
2/6/2010 Iran Opens Two New Missile Plants
2/3/2010 Iran Says Launches Satellite Rocket
2/2/2010 Iran criticizes U.S. missile deployments in Gulf
1/31/2010 U.S. Speeding Up Missile Defenses in Persian Gulf
1/26/2010 Iran to Announce New Missile Work Next Month
1/18/2010 Israel: Global NATO’s 29th Member
1/17/2010 Israel completes testing a high-tech defense system that intercepts incoming rockets
1/7/2010 Israel's Iron-Dome Missile Interceptor to Become Operational by May 2010
1/4/2010 Israel wary of U.S.-Arab arms deals
12/17/2009 US House Passes Iran Sanctions Bill
12/16/2009 Iran test-fires its most advanced missile
12/16/2009 ‘Iran near breakthrough on N-bomb’
12/16/2009 US races against time over Iran
12/7/2009 Anti-tank missile launched from Strip found near Kibbutz Alumim; none hurt
12/7/2009 Russian missiles fired on Negev
12/7/2009 Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. recently unveiled a new version
12/3/2009 Israel seeking to boost defense sales to Europe
12/2/2009 Would Iran Provide A Nuclear Weapon to Terrorists?
12/2/2009 Report: Israeli army sets up new department to help protect bases from missiles
12/2/2009 Iran plans new satellite launch
12/1/2009 Military to protect bases from missiles
12/1/2009 FACTBOX: What is the Non-Proliferation Treaty?
12/1/2009 Can't lose what you never had
12/1/2009 U.S., Israel closing gaps on Iran and peacemaking
12/1/2009 IAEA not the best solution to the Iran nuclear problem
11/30/2009 Timeline: Iran's nuclear program
11/30/2009 Iran Ambassador Expects S-300s Delivered Within 2 Months
11/19/2009 Israel's Barak says missile defense could permit withdrawal from occupied territories
11/16/2009 Iran to mass produce heat-seeking missiles
11/16/2009 Iran threatens to produce its own anti-plane defenses
11/9/2009 Iranian lawmaker warns Russia over missile delay
10/28/2009 Iran 'to accept UN nuclear deal'
10/23/2009 Iran delays reply on nuclear plan
10/21/2009 IAEA Draft Agreement Circulated at Nuclear Fuel Talks
10/14/2009 'Nuclear threat' to power grids
10/14/2009 Clinton: Russia sees Iran threat
10/12/2009 Iran dismisses Clinton warning on nuclear program
10/11/2009 Iran Seeks Deal for Reactor
10/2/2009 Overview of Iranian missile capability
10/2/2009 Obama in Iran inspection demand
10/2/2009 Iran, Major Powers Reach Agreement On Series of Points
9/30/2009 Iran 'to accept UN nuclear deal'
9/28/2009 Iran Tests Missiles On Eve Of Talks
9/28/2009 Israel shuts down for Yom Kippur, amid fears of perceived Iranian nuclear threat
9/27/2009 Defense Secretary Robert Gates says severe sanctions on Iran could work
9/23/2009 Obama’s UN Nuclear Summit Sidesteps Iran, North Korea Disputes
9/23/2009 Obama presses China for help on Iran, NKorea
9/23/2009 Iran displayed its ballistic missile
9/15/2009 Iran Announces Development of Anti-Cruise Missile System
9/15/2009 Iran Gains U.S. Military Technology Through Malaysia Middlemen
9/1/2009 'Arctic Sea' was carrying missiles to Iran?
8/28/2009 Russia is believed to be ready to supply Iran with the S-300 system
8/26/2009 Iran's Sajjil missile 'threatens Europe'
8/25/2009 Israeli expert says Iran could hit Europe in 3-4 years
8/13/2009 Islamic Revival Tests Bosnia's Secular Cast
8/12/2009 Make breaking, leaving nuke treaty harder, US says
7/31/2009 From Sea to Shining Sea