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9/3/2009 - 5 types of missiles to debut on National Day

5 types of missiles to debut on National Day 2009-09-02 09:33:25 Print

BEIJING, Sept. 2 -- China will showcase five new types of domestically designed missiles at the Oct. 1 National Day parade, a leading missile expert from the Second Artillery Force, revealed Tuesday.

A number of advanced weapons of air and sea forces will also be on display, other sources said.

Five types of missiles, including nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles, conventional cruise missiles and medium-range and short-range conventional missiles, will be displayed for the first time at the highly anticipated military parade, said the expert, who asked to remain anonymous and has been closely following the preparations of the strategic force of the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

"These missiles are domestically designed and manufactured and have never been officially reported before," he said, adding that they belong to a second generation of missiles that have already been distributed to the military and are ready for operation.

He declined to disclose the model numbers of the missiles, citing state-secrecy reasons.

"The third generation is still under development and is unlikely to be displayed this time," he said.

Military aficionados have been expecting to see the Dongfeng 41, known as the DF-41, and the CSS-X-10, which is said to be a third-generation, solid-fuel, intercontinental ballistic missile.

While China is a late starter in the milssile development, compared with the US and Russia – countries equipped with fifth-generation missiles and in the process of developing sixth-generation missiles – it has made rapid progress, the expert said.

"Our second generation can match their third and fourth generations, and the third generation under development is comparable to their fifth and sixth generations," he said.

Progress made by the Second Artillery Force in the decade since the last military parade in 1999 will be highlighted at the Oct. 1 event, with marching soldiers and vehicles carrying missiles, three for every type.

"The force has created weaponry and equipment with nuclear and conventional missiles, both solid-fuel and liquid-fuel missiles, with different launching ranges, quick emergency response and precision strikes," he said.

The Second Artillery Force is a strategic unit under the direct command and control of the Central Military Commission, and the core force of China for strategic deterrence, according to a white paper entitled "China's National Defense in 2008," issued earlier this year by the Information Office of the State Council.

One of the force's responsibilities is "conducting nuclear counterattacks," the paper said.

"The statement indicates that the force can survive a nuclear attack before carrying out a counterattack. Any country that attempts to attack China with nuclear weapons must get ready for revenge, even if it has an anti-missile system," the expert said, adding that China's nuclear missiles, though few in number, have a high strike accuracy and formidable power.

A new submarine-launched ballistic missile, Julang 2, also known as JL-2 and CSS-NX-4, is also highly anticipated by fans of military hardware to make an appearance at the parade. It is said to have a maximum range of 8,000 kilometers and be designed to be installed onboard current and next-generation Chinese nuclear-powered submarines.

Li Jie, a naval expert, didn't exclude the possibility of Julang-2's appearance on Oct. 1. Li told the Global Times that the navy would showcase some types of ship-to-ship missile, ship-to-air missile and multiple rocket launchers at the parade.

"Maybe two to three of them will be unveiled for the first time," Li said. "The new weapons will help enhance the navy's combat capability in any future sea war."

Dai Xu, an air force colonel and military strategist, told the Global Times that a large part of the weaponry and equipment of the air force would be showcased at the parade, including third-generation warplanes, land-to-air missiles and sophisticated radar equipment.

"The backbone warplanes of the major military powers in the world are third generation. The qualities of some of our warplanes are at a level that is advanced in terms of the rest of the world," Dai said.

Li Daguang, a senior military expert at the PLA University of National Defense, emphasized that the military parade is not for saber rattling but aims to promote national pride, confidence and awareness of national defense.

"Some countries, observing China's parade with colored glasses, show off their weapons around the world on the battlefield instead," Li said.

Li Jie argued that the parade can reflect the current situation and tendency of China's military weaponry, as well as a way of showing China's military openness and transparency, and how it is aligned with international military standards.

According to the arrangement, President Hu Jintao will offer a keynote address at the huge celebration at Tian'anmen Square on Oct. 1, followed by the military parade and a mass pageant involving 200,000 people, 60 floats and a fireworks display.


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12/15/2010 Ground-Based Interceptor Test Fails
12/15/2010 Lack of Confidence for U.S. Homeland Missile Defense
12/10/2010 California Dreaming
12/2/2010 The 38th Parallel
12/2/2010 U.S. Missile Defense Is Vital for Restraint of South Korea
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11/23/2010 Come Together, Right Now, Over MD
11/19/2010 Lisbon in the Sky with Diamonds
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11/12/2010 Rumored Missile Defense cuts at Shriever unlikely, officials say
11/11/2010 Freedom is not free
11/8/2010 The Voice of the American People
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10/29/2010 A Shot Heard in North Korea
10/29/2010 U.S. and Japan stage successful missile-defense test
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10/27/2010 Great Expectations
10/27/2010 US Laser Fails to Switch On
10/21/2010 Airborne Laser Test Bed Exercise Conducted
10/18/2010 Turkish Delight
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9/15/2010 More missile tests planned on Kauai
9/9/2010 The "Pearls" of Pearl Harbor
9/3/2010 Head of US Strategic Command says he's Retiring
8/23/2010 Missile Shield at $10 Billion Sets Up Boeing-Lockheed Showdown
8/23/2010 US Delays Missile-Zapping Laser Test for 4th Time
8/20/2010 U.S. Delays Anti-Missile Laser Test for Third Time
8/20/2010 Partners To Review Meads Direction In October
8/13/2010 "May The Force Be With You"
8/12/2010 Senate Approves Resolution Honoring Ted Stevens
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7/1/2010 Minuteman launches into VAFB history
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6/30/2010 Military says Kauai missile test was a success
6/29/2010 You Can't Stop What's Coming
6/24/2010 War in Senate brewing over U.S.-Russia arms deal
6/24/2010 White House points to success as Medvedev visits
6/23/2010 White House: No more neglected Issues with Russia
6/21/2010 Airborne Laser Gears Up for Next Shoot-down Test
6/18/2010 Little House on the Prairie
6/15/2010 Boeing, Northrop Grumman team up on Defense Contract Bid
6/15/2010 Report: US Policy on NKorea Nukes Halfhearted
6/10/2010 Defense bill boosts missile scrutiny
6/7/2010 Our Nation's Hedge
6/7/2010 UAE Nears $7 Billion Missile Deal
6/7/2010 First New Missile Test For U.S. is a Hedge Against Iran
6/3/2010 Begich Requests $9.5 Million for Kodiak Launch Complex
6/3/2010 DDG 1000 Could Get New Missile-Defense Radar
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5/28/2010 Movable Feast
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5/19/2010 START places no limit on US missile defense: Clinton, Gates
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5/19/2010 Pentagon: Missile Critics Use 'Wile E. Coyote' Physics
5/18/2010 Review Cites Flaws in U.S. Antimissile Program
5/18/2010 Moscow Expects U.S. Reaction to Missile Defense System by Year End
5/18/2010 Missile Defense Agency Responds to New York Times Article
5/17/2010 Republicans Prepare Amendments for Defense Authorization Bill this Week
5/17/2010 MIT Gadflies Take Aim at Obama Missile Defense Plan
5/17/2010 Nuclear-capable Agni-II Missile Test-fired Successfully
5/17/2010 Factbox: Current Sanctions on Iran over Nuclear Program
5/14/2010 Obama Urges Funds for Israel Shield
5/13/2010 U.S. House Panel Adds Missile Defense Funds
5/13/2010 Promises Made, Promises To Be Kept
5/5/2010 MDAA Defender of the Month, Mar 2010
5/5/2010 Boeing Delivers Additional Training Capability for GMD Missile Defense System
5/5/2010 NATO Says Missile Defense Cost Small Price to Pay
5/4/2010 Iran Moves to Challenge U.S. in Mideast: Gates
5/4/2010 Raytheon Delivers 100th Standard Missile-3 Block IA to Missile Defense Agency
5/3/2010 Iran Says Develops Short-range Missile Defense
4/29/2010 Oklahoma Pride
4/28/2010 Gates Satisfied with Planning to Counter Iran Threat
4/27/2010 Japan Sticks to Key Missile-Shield Deal: U.S. General
4/26/2010 Iran Fires Short-Range Missiles in Gulf War Games
4/23/2010 U.S. Faces Choice on New Weapons for Fast Strikes
4/23/2010 U.S. Homeland Vulnerable to Iran Threat in 2015
4/23/2010 "The Emperor Has No Clothes"
4/22/2010 Patriot Battery Seen in Poland Late May
4/22/2010 Battle Brews on Missiles in Europe
4/21/2010 Bulgaria Ready to Host Elements of US Missile Shield
4/21/2010 Iran Guards to Test Missiles in Three-Day Drill
4/19/2010 Pentagon's Mullen: Diplomacy First in Options on Iran
4/19/2010 Gates Says U.S. Lacks a Policy to Thwart Iran
4/16/2010 The Clash of the Titans
4/15/2010 Launch Complex Loses Missile Defense
4/14/2010 Czechs May Join Missile Defense Warning System
4/13/2010 Lockheed Martin Completes Live Tracking Aegis Exercise
4/12/2010 India to Re-Test Ballistic Missile Defense Shield
4/12/2010 Iran is Not Yet 'Nuclear Capable': US Defense Chief
4/12/2010 Obama officials stress nuclear threat, U.S. strength
4/12/2010 In Memoriam, Lech Kaczynski
4/9/2010 Defense Official Clarify Nuclear Reviews
4/9/2010 Nuclear Treaty Would Cut Only Long-Range Arms
4/8/2010 Russia Proposes Global Missile Defense Cooperation with U.S. – Medvedev
4/8/2010 The Real Deal
4/7/2010 Ratification of New START Treaty dependent on Missile Defense Interpretation
4/7/2010 Obama Embraces Missile Defense in Nuclear Review
4/7/2010 US Hopes to Ease Russia Fears on Missile Defense
4/7/2010 GBI Test Failure Result of Two Problems
4/6/2010 Russia Can Still Opt Out of U.S. Arms Treaty
4/6/2010 "No Way, No How"
4/5/2010 Romania Defends Role in U.S. Missile Shield
4/2/2010 China Buys Air Defense Systems From Russia
4/1/2010 Pentagon Denies Test-Firing Missile
3/26/2010 Current Policy Changes in Missile Defense Acquisition Put Our Nation at Risk, Says Top Missile Defen
3/25/2010 U.S. and Russia Agree on Missile-Defense Workaround for New Nuke Treaty
3/25/2010 "Any Sensor, Any Weapon"
3/24/2010 Fixing Missile Defense: NY Times Op-Ed
3/24/2010 Cartwright Calls for Balance in Missile Defense Construct
3/24/2010 U.S. Wary of Ballistic Missile Threat
3/24/2010 Cold War Finale Made Missile Defense Possible
3/23/2010 U.S. Eyes Fixed Price Terms For Missile Defense
3/23/2010 Moscow Wants Arms Treaty To Cover Missile Defense
3/23/2010 MDA Director: Poor Contractor Performance
3/19/2010 First SM-3 Block IB Test Slated For 2011
3/18/2010 Indian Interceptor Missile Test Again In June
3/16/2010 No MEADS Decision From U.S. Army-MDA Meeting
3/15/2010 India's Missile Shield Test Fails
3/10/2010 Russia-U.S. Arms Cuts Deal to Include Missile Defense Link - Lavrov
3/9/2010 Pentagon Resists Army's Desire to Stop Development of MEADS Missile System
3/9/2010 We Are As Good As Your Word
3/5/2010 Romanian President: US Missile System is Defensive
3/5/2010 RAYBURN: Killing Airborne Laser jeopardizes America
3/4/2010 New Missile Installed at Fort Greely
3/2/2010 Poland-US Missile Defense Deal Ever Closer
3/1/2010 MDAA Defender of the Month, Feb 2010
3/1/2010 Romania in Talks to Host 20 US Interceptor Missiles
3/1/2010 Polish President Ratified Status of US Forces in Poland Agreement
2/23/2010 A Tribute
2/23/2010 Moldova Govt Backs US Missile Defense Plans in Romania
2/23/2010 Clinton Urges NATO Security Cooperation with Russia
2/22/2010 Turkey Rejects Installation of US Missile Defense Systems in its Territory
2/22/2010 U.S. Patriot Missiles in Poland Early April: Report
2/22/2010 U.S. Reliant on Long-Range Missile Defense
2/20/2010 McKeon Praises MDA, Industry for Successful ABL Test
2/19/2010 Lockheed Martin Conducts Successful PAC-3 MSE Intercept Flight Test
2/19/2010 Put It Where The Sun Don't Shine
2/18/2010 Missile Defense Not a Threat to U.S.-Russia "Reset"
2/17/2010 Seoul Open to Talks on Missile Defense with Washington
2/12/2010 Game Changer
2/12/2010 U.S. to Discuss Bulgarian Missile Shield Role
2/11/2010 Czechs in Talks to Host Missile Command Center
2/9/2010 The Romanian Proposal
2/8/2010 Iran Launches Production Lines for Unmanned Planes
2/7/2010 India Successfully Tests Nuclear-capable Missile
2/6/2010 Iran Opens Two New Missile Plants
2/5/2010 "Change We Can Believe In"
2/3/2010 Iran Says Launches Satellite Rocket
2/2/2010 Iran criticizes U.S. missile deployments in Gulf
2/1/2010 True Grit
2/1/2010 Missile Defense Intercept Test Failure Requires Bi-Annual Testing to Succeed
1/31/2010 U.S. Speeding Up Missile Defenses in Persian Gulf
1/28/2010 "...That is a Promise."
1/27/2010 Koreas Exchange Fire at Sea, Adding to Tension
1/27/2010 Missile-defense test scheduled for VAFB
1/27/2010 Russia: Arms deal with US possible within weeks
1/26/2010 North Korea may be readying missile test - S.Korea TV
1/26/2010 Iran to Announce New Missile Work Next Month
1/25/2010 Construction Begins on New Radar Lab
1/25/2010 Russia and U.S. deadlocked over strategic arms deal
1/18/2010 Ukraine Election Could Give?Russia Edge In ‘Start’ Ratification
1/18/2010 Israel: Global NATO’s 29th Member
1/18/2010 40 Years In The Desert
1/18/2010 Lockheed, Raytheon orders would grow
1/18/2010 India Successfully Testfires 2 Astra Short Range Air-to-air Missiles
1/17/2010 Pakistan Strong Response on Indian Threat
1/17/2010 Israel readies new anti-missile system
1/17/2010 Israel completes testing a high-tech defense system that intercepts incoming rockets
1/12/2010 Chinese Checkers
1/7/2010 Israel's Iron-Dome Missile Interceptor to Become Operational by May 2010
1/7/2010 While US disarms, Russia and China build up their military
1/4/2010 Israel wary of U.S.-Arab arms deals
1/4/2010 India's ‘satellite killer’ to take on China
1/4/2010 Russia: A Very Public Spectacle
1/4/2010 U.S. reuses, recycles gear from closed missile sites
1/3/2010 Fleet scrambles to meet BMD ship demand
12/23/2009 Deal or No Deal
12/23/2009 New sophisticated Sub for launching Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles to arrive in early 2010
12/23/2009 $8M for SDSU in defense bill
12/21/2009 Weapons seizure hits North Korea hard
12/21/2009 Alaska military spending
12/21/2009 Raytheon awarded 2 missile contracts
12/17/2009 US House Passes Iran Sanctions Bill
12/16/2009 Iran test-fires its most advanced missile
12/16/2009 Deployment of missile intercepters delayed
12/16/2009 S. Korea, US to Draw Up Defense Guidelines
12/9/2009 Failed missile launch caused strange light over Northern Norway
12/8/2009 China, Russia decline to bid for Turkey’s missile project
12/8/2009 NATO Open to Missile-Defense Cooperation With Russia
12/8/2009 Upgraded version of Gabala radar could be important addition to U.S missile defense system: former A
12/7/2009 Navy deals $243M in missile work to Draper Lab
12/7/2009 Ballistic Missile Facility Earns Safety Kudos from OSHA
12/3/2009 Israel seeking to boost defense sales to Europe
12/2/2009 Report: Israeli army sets up new department to help protect bases from missiles
12/2/2009 Raytheon Wins $17 Million South Korea Contract
12/2/2009 U.S. Agreed to End Missile-Factory Monitoring in Russia, Official Says
12/2/2009 Boeing laser destroys 50 improvised explosive devices
12/1/2009 MDAA Defender of the Month
12/1/2009 Military to protect bases from missiles
12/1/2009 Can't lose what you never had
12/1/2009 Russia drafts “post-Cold War” security pact
12/1/2009 IAEA not the best solution to the Iran nuclear problem
11/29/2009 U.S. to Station Troops in Poland for First Time
11/24/2009 Indian Ballistic Missile Test Deemed a Failure
11/24/2009 India launches ballistic missile
11/24/2009 Minister reaffirms China ties to N Korea
11/23/2009 Raytheon Wins $241 Million Navy Software Development Contract
11/19/2009 Air Force Zaps Drones in Laser Test
11/19/2009 US Military Wants Armed Spy Bots in Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles
11/19/2009 Russia to float out first frigate for Indian Navy Nov. 27
11/19/2009 North Korea maneuvers to evade U.N. sanctions: experts
11/19/2009 Israel's Barak says missile defense could permit withdrawal from occupied territories
11/19/2009 Israel, Germany to discuss missile ships
11/18/2009 President Barack Obama dodges Chinese missiles
11/18/2009 Why the U.S. should keep an eye on China's military
11/16/2009 NKorea unlikely to give up nuclear weapons: US expert
11/16/2009 Iran to mass produce heat-seeking missiles
11/16/2009 Iran threatens to produce its own anti-plane defenses
11/16/2009 New Russian-U.S. arms reduction treaty hampered by differences
11/16/2009 India's Akash missile gets another order
11/15/2009 Czech, US officials discuss missile defense
11/15/2009 Cold War missile site targeted
11/15/2009 Reports: NKorea briefly activates missile radar
11/9/2009 India Deepens Defense Ties with Israel
11/9/2009 APEC summit to see discussion of North Korean nuclear program
11/9/2009 U.S. Weighs Pyongyang Envoy
11/8/2009 Will US & Russia renew soon expiring START agreement?
11/8/2009 Cellphone alert system expected in 2 yrs
11/6/2009 Agni-II test deferred
11/6/2009 Yadlin: 'Hamas has many 60-km range missiles'
11/6/2009 Poland looks beyond missile defense disappointment
10/28/2009 Iran 'to accept UN nuclear deal'
10/23/2009 Iran delays reply on nuclear plan
10/21/2009 IAEA Draft Agreement Circulated at Nuclear Fuel Talks
10/21/2009 Gates Says US Won't Accept Nuclear North Korea
10/19/2009 Missile deal focus of Biden's Poland visit
10/19/2009 Iraq plans to buy weapons from Russia
10/19/2009 SKorea's top diplomat urges NKorea to disarm
10/19/2009 German firm eyes missile detection system
10/18/2009 Russia still has concerns over US missile system
10/16/2009 Second THAAD Battery Activated
10/14/2009 'Nuclear threat' to power grids
10/14/2009 Clinton: Russia sees Iran threat
10/12/2009 Israel postpones at last minute joint Juniper Cobra exercise with US
10/12/2009 Nuclear capable Prithvi-II test fired successfully
10/12/2009 Russia-US missile defense talks begin
10/12/2009 US Denies Plans to Deploy Anti-Missile Radar in Ukraine
10/12/2009 Russian subs successfully test ballistic missiles in Pacific
10/12/2009 S. Korea studying ballistic missile with improved range: official
10/11/2009 Iran Seeks Deal for Reactor
10/11/2009 U.S.-Russia Relations on the Eve of Clinton's Trip to Moscow
10/7/2009 STSS Demonstration Launch
10/7/2009 US may leave missile defense systems in Israel
10/7/2009 Biden to Reassure Allies on Trip to Eastern Europe
10/7/2009 A Step in the Right Direction
10/2/2009 Obama in Iran inspection demand
10/2/2009 Iran, Major Powers Reach Agreement On Series of Points
9/30/2009 Iran 'to accept UN nuclear deal'
9/28/2009 Leaders Take New Missile Defense Plan to Congress
9/28/2009 U.S. Launches Two Missile-Defense Satellites
9/28/2009 U.S. Air Force Supports Successful Delta II STSS DEMO Launch
9/23/2009 Obama’s UN Nuclear Summit Sidesteps Iran, North Korea Disputes
9/23/2009 Obama presses China for help on Iran, NKorea
9/23/2009 U.S.-North Korea Bilateral Talks
9/23/2009 Rep. Darrell Issa: Obama's missile defense decision weakens America
9/23/2009 South Korea Negative on Joining US Missile Shield
9/23/2009 President: Ukraine to strengthen defense
9/23/2009 Iran displayed its ballistic missile
9/23/2009 A Pragmatist, Gates Reshapes Past Policies He Backed
9/23/2009 Kratos Awarded Space and Missile Defense Technology Development Contract Valued At $43 Million
9/22/2009 Missile Defense and the Geopolitics of Proliferation
9/18/2009 Obama drops missile shield, favors ships
9/18/2009 Clinton Fights Back at Missile Defense Critics
9/18/2009 Putin Applauds ‘Brave’ U.S. Decision on Missile Defense
9/18/2009 MDAA Alert: At Risk
9/17/2009 Sen. Richard Shelby: Obama misguided on Europe missile defense shield
9/17/2009 MDAA: Breaking Videos and News -- US Changes Course on Missile Defense
9/15/2009 Iran Announces Development of Anti-Cruise Missile System
9/15/2009 Iran Gains U.S. Military Technology Through Malaysia Middlemen
9/15/2009 Kratos Secures Contracts, Raises $19M
9/15/2009 Missile Defense Launch Targeted For Saturday
9/15/2009 US fears Latin American arms race
9/14/2009 New Japanese Leadership Plans Missile Defense Cutbacks
9/14/2009 Alaska's Strategic Role in the Defense of the United States and the Vital Role of Missile Defense
9/14/2009 US eyes $7.8 bln missile sale to Turkey
9/12/2009 Chavez Announces Russian Missile Purchase
9/9/2009 MDAA Alert: Immovable Missiles
9/9/2009 Beijing Rehearsal Shows Off New Missiles
9/8/2009 'Secret' launch lifts mystery payload into orbit
9/3/2009 US and Australia invite China to war games
9/3/2009 The North Korean missile threat is serious
9/3/2009 5 types of missiles to debut on National Day
9/3/2009 Admiral who developed U.S. Navy missile defense systems dies
9/2/2009 Behind the U.S.-Pakistan Missile Spat: The Indian Threat
9/2/2009 Semitrailer carrying missile parts overturns in ND
9/2/2009 'Battle-proven' Patriot still hits bullets after 10 years
9/2/2009 Raytheon Awarded $27 million to Upgrade Taiwan Patriot Missile Defense System
9/1/2009 0 India abandons satellite after losing contact with orbiting satellite
9/1/2009 Missile defense system upgrade, new helicopter carrier part of defense budget
9/1/2009 'Arctic Sea' was carrying missiles to Iran?
9/1/2009 add add * 'Pak's N-arsenal contains up to 90 warheads'
8/31/2009 Pak rushes to match India's missile might
8/30/2009 UAE Seizes NK Ship Carrying Weapons
8/29/2009 U.S. Mulls Alternatives for Missile Shield
8/29/2009 U.S. Mulls Alternatives for Missile Shield
8/28/2009 Make nuclear programme accountable
8/28/2009 Russia is believed to be ready to supply Iran with the S-300 system
8/28/2009 Government poaching? That depends on which side of the pool you're in.
8/28/2009 US planning locations other than Poland for missile shield
8/28/2009 Missile Defense Technology Moves from Testing to Fielding
8/28/2009 Lockheed establishes missile defense unit in Huntsville, AL
8/27/2009 Report: U.S. to Scrap E. Europe Missile Shield Bases
8/27/2009 Washington to drop anti-missile system plans?
8/27/2009 Missile shield to be set up in Balkan, not in Central Europe
8/27/2009 Russia Deploys Missile System Near NKorea
8/27/2009 Russia deploys air defence on NKorea missile tests
8/27/2009 MDA To Issue RFP For Targets Next Month
8/27/2009 Saudis, Israel to lead Mideast arms’ purchases
8/27/2009 N Korea 'invites envoy for talks'
8/26/2009 Exclusive: Improved U.S.-Taiwan Defense Cooperation Needed
8/25/2009 U.S. tests intercontinental missile
8/25/2009 Hillary's Right About the 'Defense Umbrella'
8/25/2009 Israeli expert says Iran could hit Europe in 3-4 years
8/24/2009 Israel moves closer to Iron Dome missile defense system: report
8/23/2009 Israel sells air defense system to India
8/21/2009 MDAA Alert: Stars Align
8/20/2009 Missile Defense Laser Fired in Flight
8/20/2009 Iran missile said to pose Europe threat in 3-4 years
8/14/2009 Testing Begins on Australia's First Aegis Missile-Defense System
8/14/2009 Boeing news on Airborne Laser, B-1
8/13/2009 Russia Developing New Missiles to Counter US System
8/13/2009 Islamic Revival Tests Bosnia's Secular Cast
8/12/2009 Make breaking, leaving nuke treaty harder, US says
8/10/2009 NKorea closely watching SKorea's rocket launch
8/9/2009 Navy successfully tests Barak missile
8/9/2009 Trophy tank defense system operational
8/8/2009 U.S. missile kills Pakistan’s Taliban chief
7/31/2009 From Sea to Shining Sea
7/27/2009 A Man is Only as Good as His Word
7/19/2009 Obama taps Lee Feinstein as ambassador to Poland
7/18/2009 Russia stunned by missile failure setback
7/18/2009 Boeing layoffs worry some in Huntsville
7/17/2009 MQ-9 Reaper UAV may have new role as missile defence sensor
7/17/2009 U.S., Israel to test three missile defense systems in Pacific this summer
7/16/2009 Boeing Announces 250 Cuts In Missile Defense Program
7/9/2009 MDAA Alert: To Russia with Love
7/9/2009 G-8 condemns North Korea's nuclear test
7/9/2009 Japan In N Korea Talks With US, China
7/9/2009 US Offers Reassurances To Poland On Anti-Missile Base
7/8/2009 North Korea improving missile precision: South
7/8/2009 Obama, Medvedev agree on nuclear arms cut, military transit to Afghanistan
7/7/2009 North Korea Missile Firings Condemned at United Nation
7/7/2009 U.S. and Russia to Reduce Arsenals
7/7/2009 Ex-Pentagon chief McNamara dies
7/2/2009 North Korea seen readying missiles
7/2/2009 NKorea test-fires 2 short-range missiles amid heightened nuclear tensions
7/2/2009 North Korea ups tension with short-range missiles
7/2/2009 Prelude to Fireworks
7/1/2009 Vandenberg Officials Launch Minuteman III
7/1/2009 The Missile Defense Silver Bullet
6/30/2009 U.S. targets North Korea missile proliferation network
6/30/2009 Raytheon radar upgrades pull in $36M
6/30/2009 South Korea updates defense plan
6/30/2009 Japan Police Arrest Three for Illegal Exports, Yomiuri Says
6/28/2009 South Korea getting U.S. missiles to boost defences: report
6/28/2009 Congress votes $37.5m for Arrow-3 program
6/23/2009 Secretary of Defense Reverses His Decision to Defend Hawaii with U.S. Capability
6/22/2009 Hawaii
6/11/2009 President Obama's Solution to Iran Requires Missile Defense
5/26/2009 North Korea's Nuclear Test Forces Obama's Administration to Rethink Cutting Missile Defense
5/14/2009 American Public Supports Missile Defense at Close to 9 Out of Every 10 Americans
5/11/2009 ANALYSIS: Gates' Budget Cuts Sour Conservatives
5/8/2009 President Obama Outlines His Plan for Missile Defense
5/4/2009 Sea-Based Missile Defense Moves Forward Under President Obama's Administration
4/25/2009 The Rocket Science of Missile Threats
4/15/2009 John Rood, former Under Secretary of Arms Control and International Security, State Department, Join
4/14/2009 Senator Daniel Inouye Participates in Ground Breaking of the Kauai Veterans Memorial
4/9/2009 President Obama and Secretary Gates Embrace Missile Defense
4/8/2009 Why did radar skip missile launch?
4/6/2009 North Korea launch could arm Pentagon suppliers
4/5/2009 Diplomatic Efforts Fail, North Korea Successful Long Range Missile Has Serious Implications
4/3/2009 U.N. Security Council May Lack Unified Response to Anticipated North Korean Rocket Launch
3/30/2009 U.S. Needs Full Protection Against North Korea
3/20/2009 U.S. Military Pacific Commanders make case for Missile Defense in Testimony
3/3/2009 Missile Defense - Deal or no Deal - with Russia
2/26/2009 Top Testing Official and Director of Missile Defense for the Pentagon Testify That Current System Ca
2/19/2009 Iran Drives Obama Administration to Support and Deploy Missile Defenses
2/17/2009 Boeing says Israel eyes new U.S. bomb kit
2/13/2009 U.S. missile defense said to face near $2 billion cut
2/9/2009 Former Director of the Missile Defense Agency Joins Board of Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance
2/5/2009 Iran Demonstrates the Key Attributes of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile in Its Space Launched
2/4/2009 Iran Shows the World That It Can Launch a Satellite Into Space
1/16/2009 President Bush Forgot to Acknowledge His Greatest Achievement
1/5/2009 Missile Defense Could Help Stop Gaza Conflict
12/30/2008 Lack of Rocket Defense Drives Israel to War with Hamas
12/5/2008 Missile Defense Proves Its Capability to Defend the Homeland of the United States
11/24/2008 Head of U.S. Missile Defense Retires Leaving a Remarkable Legacy of Deploying Missile Defenses
11/20/2008 Missile-defense advocates on edge
11/13/2008 Iran Follows Russia in Threatening New Administration with Ballistic Missiles
11/3/2008 U.S Navy Independently Validates and Demonstrates its Missile Defense System
11/2/2008 Case laid out for missile defense
11/2/2008 Both candidates support missile defense
10/30/2008 Israel And U.S. Don't Have Deployed Missile Defense Capability to Guarantee 100 Percent Shoot Down o
9/26/2008 'Missile Defense Asserts Itself This September'
9/3/2008 In Light of Russia's Threats, Prime Minster of Poland Further Embeds Missile Defense With the Polish
9/1/2008 Polish Daily Outlines Local Residents' Objections to US Missile Defense Base
8/28/2008 Attacking Our Patriots
8/27/2008 Cities of Slupsk, Poland and Huntsville, Alabama Open Partnership Prior to Polish Prime Minster Tusk
8/26/2008 Reagan’s Vision for Missile Shield Now Shared in Europe, Advocate Says
8/26/2008 We have local interest in Poland agreement
8/20/2008 Poland and the US Sign Missile Defense Agreement to Provide NATO and Europe Protection Against Long
8/20/2008 Inside the missile deal
8/14/2008 87% of Americans Support Having a Missile Defense System
8/12/2008 87 Percent of the American Public Support Missile Defense
8/4/2008 Anti-Missile Radar Defenses in Czech Republic Help Europe, U.S., Experts Say
7/28/2008 Lamborn Honored for Dedication to Missile Defense
7/21/2008 US Validates Radar Capabilities Against Ballistic Missiles with Countermeasures and Decoys
7/10/2008 Missile Defense Required to Prevent Military Escalation With Iran
7/8/2008 Czech Republic Agrees to Missile Defense
7/8/2008 The Shield Would Protect Poland Better Than Patriots
7/4/2008 Who pays for Poland's Patriots - that's the question
6/26/2008 29th Missile Defense Intercept Achieved
6/5/2008 U.S. Demonstrates Defensive Capability to Defend Coastlines and Fleet From Short Range Ballistic Mis
5/30/2008 Fourth Layer of U.S. Missile Defense Activated; Overseas Deployment Under Debate
5/19/2008 Not Enough U.S. Missile Defense Systems to Counter the Threat
4/2/2008 Missile Defense Hearing on Capitol Hill Reveals Bi-Partisan Support
3/25/2008 Forthcoming Historic Agreement on Deployed Missile Defense Systems in Europe Predicted
3/19/2008 Missile Defense Outreach Established in Poland
3/12/2008 US delegation on anti-missile shield
2/28/2008 U.S. and Czechs close to missile deal
2/25/2008 Labor in backflip on missile defence shield
2/22/2008 An Errant Satellite Is Gone, but Questions Linger
2/22/2008 Spy Satellite's Downing Shows a New U.S. Weapon Capability
2/21/2008 U.S. shot raises tensions, worries over satellites
2/21/2008 Missile Defense Shoots Down Toxic Satellite Mitigating Risk to Human Life
2/20/2008 Navy ready to blast satellite
2/20/2008 U.S. military counts down to dramatic shootdown of spy satellite over Pacific
2/19/2008 Navy set for satellite shot
2/17/2008 Satellite return may be challenging
12/24/2007 Dahlgren shares missile expertise
12/19/2007 Japan tests interceptor missile
12/19/2007 Japan intercepts missile
12/18/2007 Japanese Warship Tests Antimissile System
12/18/2007 Japan intercepts a test missile
12/18/2007 Japan intercepts missile in space
12/18/2007 Japanese Ship Downs Missile in Pacific Test
12/18/2007 Japan shoots down missile in milestone test
12/18/2007 Japan launches first anti-ballistic missile test
12/18/2007 Japanese first ally to complete Aegis test
12/18/2007 Japan Intercepts Missile In Milestone Test
12/13/2007 America Now Protected Against North Korean Missile Attack
12/6/2007 BMD Watch: NCADE breakthrough
12/5/2007 Champ visits base-talks about missiles, football
11/8/2007 SM-3s are 'mature'
10/24/2007 Missile blessing closes first phase
9/29/2007 Missile Test is Lauded as a Success
7/27/2007 84 percent of Americans back BMD
6/15/2007 Our Resolve
6/13/2007 BMD Advocate Urges European Base Plan
6/11/2007 BMD Focus: Democrats for BMD
6/10/2007 National Security Remains at Stake with Putin's Proposal
6/8/2007 Russia: Let's Share Missile-Shield Task
6/8/2007 Experts Question Putin Offer on Missiles
6/5/2007 Tensions Rise Between U.S., Russia Over Missile Defense
6/5/2007 President Putin's Remarks Galvanize Missile Defense Rather Than Divide
5/31/2007 Leveraging Russian Missile Test by President Putin
5/30/2007 Target Missile Failure Halts Ballistic Interceptor Test
5/25/2007 MDAA welcomes Australian move on BMD
5/25/2007 U.S. Scraps Missile-Defense Test as Target Misfires
5/18/2007 U.S. House of Representatives has Adopted a Measure Aimed at
5/17/2007 Gagnon Propagandizes MDAA and Finds Adversary in Riki Ellison
5/15/2007 BMD Focus: Congress Compromise -- Part 1
5/11/2007 BMD Focus: The Battle to Save ABL
5/10/2007 House Armed Services Committee Adds Key Amendments
5/7/2007 Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance Reviews Missile Defense Budget Cuts by House Strategic Forces Subcommittee
5/3/2007 House Subcommittee Cuts $764 Milllion From Missile Defense Agency Request
4/27/2007 Missiles Destroyed
4/12/2007 U.S. Senate Focuses on European Missile Site and Sheds New Light on Threat From Iran
4/9/2007 Aegis BMD Group Leaves San Diego For Waters Near Korean Peninsula
4/4/2007 The U.S. Pacific Fleet Is Missile Defense Capable
4/2/2007 Obering Says Funding For Missile Defense Shouldn't Be Cut
3/27/2007 Congress Likely to Address Third Interceptor Site This Year, Analysts Say
3/26/2007 Democratic Chairwoman Ellen Tauscher and Representative Silvestre Reyes Lead Committee in Support for Missile Defense
3/20/2007 Missile Defense
3/6/2007 Russia 'right to fear UK-based missiles'
3/1/2007 Iran Plans To Nuke Europe, US - Sanctions Urged
1/23/2007 MDAA Supporting Third Site Development in Europe
1/12/2004 Survey: NH Voters Want Missile Defense
5/2/1908 U.S. Senate Authorizes Full Funding for European Missile Defense Sites