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2/7/2011 - Tbilisi 'interested' in U.S. Missile Defense Radar

Georgia is interested in the proposal by a group of U.S. senators that Tbilisi host a missile defense radar, Deputy Foreign Minister David Dzhalagania said on Monday.

Four U.S. Republican senators - Jon Kyl, James Risch, Mark Kirk and James Inhofe - have sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates asking him to consider Georgia as a potential host for the TPY-2 missile defense radar.

"This is a new initiative so I can't say the Georgian side has formulated a concrete position on the matter," Dzhalagania said.

"This initiative is interesting in and of itself and it deserves attention from the point of view of regional security and stability."

The United States previously invited Turkey to host a radar site but Ankara set a number of conditions, including that an anti-missile shield should be deployed in all the alliance's member states, not just Turkey.

The senators have suggested that alternate sites be considered and that Georgia's geographic location would make it an ideal place for a radar targeting Iran.

Source: RIA Novosti

5/27/2014 Let's Join U.S. Missile Defence, Say 2 Ex-Liberal Defence Ministers
5/23/2014 Israel, US holding joint missile defense drill
5/23/2014 Hagel Wants Gulf States to Combine Missile Defense Systems
5/23/2014 U.S. wants Tokyo, Seoul to aid missile defense against N. Korea
5/23/2014 Raytheon to operate Canadian radar for missile defense
5/16/2014 Testimony: The U.S. Missile Defense Program: An Opportunity for Canadian International Leadership
5/7/2014 Why Turkey May Not Buy Chinese Missile Systems After All
5/7/2014 Countries collaborate on ballistic missile defense
4/11/2014 International partnerships are key to a strong missile defense amid budget crunch
3/28/2014 U.S. Suspending Missile Defense Cooperation Talks with Russia
3/27/2014 US-UK: Expand Missile Defense in Eastern Europe
3/21/2014 Poland Speeds Up Effort to Get New Missile Shield, Defense Ministry Says
3/19/2014 As U.S. ponders next moves on Crimea, experts rethink NATO’s defense posture
3/18/2014 Did Obama increase funding for Israeli missile defense or slash it?
3/14/2014 South Korea to upgrade its Patriot missile system
3/12/2014 Israel open to joint missile defense with Jordan, Egypt
3/12/2014 Ukraine Refocuses Debate on US Missile Defense
3/10/2014 Israel seizes ship with missiles heading from Iran to Gaza
3/10/2014 Mazel Tov
3/7/2014 S. Korea to expand naval task groups with more Aegis destroyers
3/3/2014 Raytheon, Kuwait Sign $655 million Patriot Missile Contract
2/27/2014 Japan-US anti-ballistic missile drill to continue until Feb.28
2/24/2014 Bilateral U.S., Japan missile defense exercise promotes security and integration
2/18/2014 USS Donald Cook prepares for first ballistic missile defense patrol
2/18/2014 Serco to continue at RAF Fylingdales
2/14/2014 Israel's Rafael unveils 'Star Wars-style' laser missile shield
2/14/2014 India, Israel to Build Anti-Missile System
2/13/2014 Iran Tests Long-Range Ballistic Missiles
2/10/2014 Dialogue between Russia and NATO on missile defense exhausted – Russian diplomat
2/7/2014 Israel to Help India Develop Missile Defense Shield
1/28/2014 Mounting Threats Demand Missile Defense
1/6/2014 Pentagon: Kuwait to Receive Patriot Missiles
12/3/2013 German May Adapt Patriot After MEADS Missile Project Dropped
11/6/2013 Raytheon's Patriot Missile Successful in Japan Test Firing
9/26/2013 Seoul-U.S. cooperation in Missile Defense Inevitable: Former Security Advisor
9/24/2013 China Criticizes Japan's New Missile Radar System from the U.S.
9/10/2013 Lockheed Martin Adds Integrated Missile Defense Command & Control Option to Dragon Family of ISR Con
6/12/2013 S. Korea to deploy new surface-to-air missiles for Aegis destroyers
6/6/2013 Romania Reiterates Its Commitment to Timely Goals on Missile Shield Elements Becoming Operational
6/3/2013 Allies Once Again Vow to Be Tough With North Korea
3/28/2013 U.S., Russia Aim to Reconvene Stalled Missile Defense Talks
12/18/2012 Japan Pulls Out Missile Interceptors from Okinawa
12/14/2012 Panetta Signs Order to Deploy 400 U.S. Personnel to Turkey
12/14/2012 U.S. Troops Will Man Patriot Batteries Along Turkey’s Border with Syria
12/12/2012 India Wants License to Produce Iron Dome - Report
12/11/2012 Japan Deploys Anti-Missile Shield Against North Korea Rocket
12/7/2012 Syria: NATO agrees to deploy Patriot missiles in Turkey
12/6/2012 DPRK satellite launch criticized as dangerous situation
12/6/2012 US, allies seek UN action if NKorea fires rocket
12/6/2012 Japan deploys destroyers for N. Korea rocket
12/6/2012 Germans OK Patriot missiles to defend Turkey
12/6/2012 Germany ready to send 400 troops to Turkey-Syria border
12/5/2012 NATO backs Patriot anti-missile system for Turkey
12/4/2012 Turkey requested Nato missile defences over Syria chemical weapons fears
12/4/2012 PAC-3 interceptors sent to Okinawa to intercept N. Korean rocket
12/4/2012 Japan readies missile defense over N. Korean rocket
12/4/2012 NATO to give go-ahead to Patriot deployment in Turkey
12/4/2012 For Israel, Iron Dome missile defense system represents breakthrough
12/4/2012 Israel Tests Interceptor, Faces Pressure To Share Iron Dome
12/4/2012 More Radar Deployment To Japan To Enhance U.S. Missile Defense
12/4/2012 NATO Plans Missile Defenses for Turkey
11/30/2012 Leon Panetta and Israeli Counterpart Ehud Barak Talk Afghanistan, Iran, Syria … and Friendship
11/30/2012 US Pledges More Funds for Israeli Missile Defense
11/30/2012 Israel’s Iron Dome Did ‘Remarkably Well,’ Panetta Says
11/29/2012 NATO Experts Survey Possible Patriot Sites in Turkey
11/29/2012 Medvedev vows to push forward Russia-U.S. ties
11/26/2012 David’s Sling Weapons System Stunner Missile Intercepts Target During Inaugural Flight Test
11/26/2012 U.S.-Israel Missile System Scores First Intercept
11/26/2012 With Gaza Cease-Fire, Obama Pledges More Missile Defense Funding for Israel
11/26/2012 Turkey: NATO to survey sites for Patriot missiles
11/21/2012 U.S. helps shield Israel with financial aid for Iron Dome defense system
11/21/2012 Nunn-Lugar Eliminates Four Ballistic Missiles
11/21/2012 NATO agrees to supply Turkey with Patriots
11/21/2012 Netherlands Likely to Provide Patriot Missiles to Turkey
11/21/2012 Patriot performs flawlessly in Japan test firings
11/20/2012 Turkey agrees Syria missile defense with NATO members
11/20/2012 German Patriot missiles could defend Turkey
11/14/2012 U.S., Israel wrap up major joint missile drill
11/14/2012 Stavridis: New Aviation Element ‘New Step’ for U.S., Poland
11/13/2012 Israel test fires four Patriot missiles
11/13/2012 Drill: Patriot missile intercept decoy missiles
11/9/2012 Turkey is seeking missile defense from NATO
11/9/2012 Qatar aims for Patriot missiles
11/8/2012 Confusion grows over Patriot bid to Turkey
11/8/2012 Poland-Romania-Turkey meeting tackles missile defense, neighborhood policy
11/6/2012 Seoul refuses to join US missile defense in Asia
11/6/2012 Qatar, UAE Request THAAD Purchases
11/6/2012 U.S. clears sale of Lockheed missile defense system to UAE, Qatar
11/2/2012 Turkey to request Patriot deployment from NATO
11/2/2012 Korea Plans to Update Its Missile Defense System
11/1/2012 Korean plan sparks speculation about U.S. missile defense
11/1/2012 The US to continue the development of missile defense system in Asia
10/31/2012 General Dempsey arrives in Israel, meets Barak
10/31/2012 Dempsey: Drill proof of US commitment to Israel
10/31/2012 Peres tells US military chief Iran sanctions showing results
10/31/2012 US Army General Proud of Israel's Iron Dome
10/31/2012 Shield to deploy at Rota naval base
10/30/2012 S. Korean defense chief heads to Washington for annual security talks
10/26/2012 First ever US Defense Minister mention of MD negotiations with Korea
10/26/2012 Israel scales back U.S. missile defense exercise after Hamas rocket attacks
10/25/2012 Israeli General Says Wargames With U.S. Boost Deterrence
10/25/2012 US, ROK focus on joint nuclear deterrence
10/24/2012 U.S. Korea Commander Details Conditions on Peninsula
10/23/2012 US-Israel major joint exercise to test missile barrage scenario
10/23/2012 Israel, US start largest ever air defense exercise
10/22/2012 US-Israel major joint exercise to test missile barrage scenario
10/19/2012 Knocking at Iran’s door: US Israeli forces to stage drill
10/19/2012 IDF to hold its largest-ever joint exercise
10/18/2012 Largest US-Israel missile defense drill to kick off
10/18/2012 U.S., Israel to hold major missile defense exercise
10/18/2012 U.S.-Israel Drill to Practice Defense on Multiple Fronts
10/18/2012 Joint Military Drill Boosts Israel's Confidence
10/18/2012 ForMin Corlatean, NATO Secretary General Rasmussen tackle implementation stage of Romania-US missile
10/17/2012 Dempsey to arrive in Israel to observe joint U.S.-Israel exercise
10/17/2012 Israel, US set to kick off joint large-scale air-defense training exercise
10/17/2012 US Considering Silver Sparrow for Interception Tests
10/17/2012 Japan, SKorea, US agree to coordinate on NKorea
10/16/2012 Pacom Chief Encourages Closer U.S.-India Security Ties
10/16/2012 Tamir Missiles to be Produced in the US?
10/16/2012 Jordan- US Military Exercises to secure Syria chemical arsenal
10/16/2012 Korea, US to discuss follow-up measures of new missile agreement next week
10/16/2012 Romanian Senate ratifies Romania-U.S. Agreement on protection of classified military information
10/16/2012 U.S.-Israeli Military Exercise Sending Message to Iran
10/12/2012 NATO Calls Test of Italian Missile Defense Radar Successful
10/12/2012 Jordan: US forces plan shield against Syria
10/12/2012 Iran Surrogates Test Israel’s Military Resolve
10/11/2012 Spain, US sign accord to deploy anti-missile shield
10/11/2012 Upcoming US Defense Cuts Could Spell the End of Israel's New Missile System
10/11/2012 NATO Tests New Missile Defense Assets
10/10/2012 U.S., Israel considering joint 'surgical strike' on Iran's nuclear facilities
10/10/2012 Massive US-Israel air drill set for this month
10/10/2012 Lee calls for early deployment of longer-range missiles
10/9/2012 U.S. quiet on South Korea defense ties
10/9/2012 U.S. Agrees to Let South Korea Extend Range of Ballistic Missiles
10/9/2012 Spain Seals Deal with US over NATO missile shield
10/9/2012 Spain gives 'Green Light' to US anti-missile defense shield in ROTA
10/4/2012 Former aide: U.S. aid to Israel may be cut
10/3/2012 'Fiscal cliff' may threaten US Iron Dome assistance
10/2/2012 Persian Gulf states speed up U.S. missile shield
10/2/2012 European Missile Defense Center Opens
10/1/2012 U.S., Gulf countries seek to advance missile defense plan
9/26/2012 Taiwan scraps plan to buy US-made long-range radar
9/25/2012 Patriot PAC-2 missiles to be returned to Taiwan soon: minister
9/18/2012 U.S., Japan Agree to Add Second Radar Installation
9/18/2012 Radar sent to Japan can track anti-ship missiles
9/14/2012 Canada seeks missile protection
9/12/2012 Russia, NATO may cooperate on missile defense: U.S. ambassador
9/12/2012 U.S. expects S. Korean role in global missile defense
9/12/2012 U.S. Rejects Israeli Calls for Tougher Iran Moves
9/12/2012 Israeli Sharpens Call for United States to Set Iran Trigger
9/12/2012 South Korea, US practise occupying North Korea in military drill
9/5/2012 Upcoming U.S., Israeli Exercise Underscores Relations
9/5/2012 US downgrades anti-missile drills with Israel; sends CIA’s Petraeus instead to ease tensions
9/5/2012 Israel's Arrow 3 missile to be tested soon
9/4/2012 U.S Scales Back Military Exercise with Israel, Affecting Potential Iran Strike
9/4/2012 7 countries want to buy Iron Dome
8/20/2012 US, Israeli navies hold joint Med maneuvers in tense times
8/17/2012 U.S. Eyes Missile Defense Work With India
8/9/2012 U.S. and Gulf Allies Pursue a Missile Shield Against Iranian Attack
7/30/2012 US defense chief: Iron Dome sign of unprecedented cooperation
7/27/2012 American SM-3 ballistic missile site in Poland by 2018
7/25/2012 Washington, Madrid affirm defense ties
7/9/2012 S. Korea seeks to convince ARF to back U.N. condemnation of N. Korea
6/26/2012 Amid rocket battle, upgrade for Iron Dome
6/26/2012 Russia to form air defense force securing Sochi Olympics
6/26/2012 Irakli Aladashvili: The U.S. to help Georgia to create missile defense system
6/25/2012 North Korea calls US-SKorean use of national flag in huge live-fire drills a grave provocation
6/25/2012 Israel, U.S. Planning Largest-Ever Military Drill
6/18/2012 Seoul, Washington to Combine Missile Defense
6/18/2012 Putin, Obama to Talk Missile Defense, Syria Settlement in Mexico
6/18/2012 Romania: Work on local missile defense shield to start in 2013 Work on local mis
6/4/2012 Russia Wants Missile Defense Guarantees--Putin
5/31/2012 Japan to Deploy Aegis Destroyers Near West Sea
5/31/2012 Key US general soothes Russian concerns on missile defense, nuclear weapons
5/30/2012 Rafael Seeks to Boost Range of Iron Dome
5/8/2012 More doubts cast on European missile defense plan
4/25/2012 Russia's Medvedev warns West over missile shield
4/20/2012 India missile test has few critics, unlike NKorea
4/20/2012 U.S. Takes China ‘At Word’ on N. Korea Sanctions
4/19/2012 India Extends Missile Range, Raising Fear of Arms Race
4/17/2012 U.N. Council to Expand North Korea Sanctions
4/17/2012 Analysts: China broke sanctions if N. Korea using its missile launcher
4/16/2012 Warships search for North Korea rocket debris as US calls of aid
4/12/2012 Iran Says It Will Offer Unspecified Proposals at Coming Nuclear Negotiations
4/12/2012 NK Missile Launch: Clinton Expects ‘Appropriate Action’ From Security Council
4/12/2012 Few U.S. Options as North Korea Readies Missile Launching
4/11/2012 Defenses brace for N. Korean rocket launch
4/5/2012 NKorea launch an intel opportunity for US, allies
4/5/2012 Japanese Warship Leaves Base Ahead of N.Korean Rocket Launch
4/5/2012 Israel seeks multi-year US missile defense aid
4/5/2012 U.S. seeks to ease Russia missile worries
4/5/2012 Russia Profile Weekly Experts Panel: Can Putin and Obama Make a Deal on Missile Defense?
4/4/2012 Iran ‘advises’ Arab neighbors against missile shield
4/4/2012 Japan, United States Caution North Korea Against Rocket Launch
4/4/2012 Missile unit deployed in Taipei after getting upgraded in US: report
4/3/2012 What's at Stake in the Missile-Defense Debate?
4/2/2012 US Envoy in Russia Suggests E-Mail, Phone Being Monitored
3/29/2012 Putin's Presidential Return: Implications for Russian Foreign Policy and Missile Defense
3/29/2012 Missile Gaffe Leaves Europe Unfazed
3/27/2012 NATO to Declare Missile Shield without Putin
3/26/2012 Japan to deploy Patriot missiles in Tokyo to guard city from N. Korean rocket
3/26/2012 IDF to deploy Iron Dome in Central Israel
3/23/2012 China urges calm ahead of N Korea rocket launch
3/23/2012 Medvedev against solving problems by force
3/22/2012 Russian leader's remarks reflect deep divide on missile plans for Europe
3/22/2012 Iron Dome Gets Congressional Boost
3/22/2012 U.S. Denies Disclosing Missile Defense Data to Russia
3/21/2012 U.S. Never Disclosed Missile Defense Data to Russia
3/20/2012 Russian president orders military to prepare countermeasures against US missile shield
1/1/2012 U.S. Sells $3.5 Billion Missile Defense System to the UAE
12/19/2011 U.S. Closely Monitoring North Korea After Dictator Kim Jong-Il Dies
12/9/2011 China Hopes for Proper Handling of NATO-Russia Differences on Missile Defense
12/6/2011 Romania Ratifies US Missile Shield Agreement
12/6/2011 NATO Allies to meet amid Russia Anger over Missile Shield
12/5/2011 NATO's Military Committee visits Allied Air Command Headquarters at Ramstein
12/5/2011 TRS Wins Contract for Ballistic Missile from NATO ALTBMD
12/2/2011 U.S. Official Says Missile Defense Shield Will Move Forward
12/2/2011 U.S. Mulls Israeli Anti-Rocket System Buy
11/30/2011 Raytheon Receives Approval for $1.7 Billion Patriot Sale to Saudi Arabia
11/30/2011 NATO General to Discuss Missile Defense in Moscow
11/29/2011 Germany Lends Air-Defense Radar to Israel
11/21/2011 U.S. ready to Provide Russia with Missile Shield Details
11/20/2011 UAE continues talks on Advanced Missile Defence
11/17/2011 U.S. May Offer Russia Some Data on SM-3 Interceptor
11/17/2011 Qatar Discusses MEADS Partnership with Germany, Italy
11/14/2011 THAAD on Target for UAE
11/14/2011 Only Problem With Obama Is EU Missile Shield, Medvedev Says
11/10/2011 Lavrov, Clinton to talk Missile Defense in Honolulu
11/9/2011 Romanian President Traian Basescu to Submit Agreement with US on Anti-Missile Shield for Ratificatio
11/7/2011 Romania - Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi has met with the Director of the US Missile Defense Agen
11/6/2011 US and Israel to Conduct Joint Military Exercises
11/4/2011 S. Korea, U.S. to Conduct Exercise on Deterrence
11/2/2011 National Armaments Directors Approve MEADS Program Continuation Plan
10/31/2011 Russia-NATO Missile Shield Talks Stalled Ahead of 2012 Summit
10/27/2011 US invites Russia to witness AMD tests
10/26/2011 US, Russia Fulfilling Their START Commitments - US State Dept
10/26/2011 N. Korea Remains Serious Threat: US Defence Chief
10/25/2011 NATO Still Hopes to Link Russia to Missile Shield
10/24/2011 U.S. and North Korea Begin Groundwork for Talks
10/20/2011 Kinder, Gentler 'Cold War' As Russia & US Lock Horns Over Missile Defense
10/20/2011 Kremlin Rejects U.S. Offer to Monitor Missile Shield Tests
10/19/2011 Romania Approves Draft Law on U.S. Missile Shield
10/19/2011 Romania Approves Draft Law on US Missile Shield
10/14/2011 Spain’s Aegis Frigates Could Join Europe’s Missile Defense Shield
10/13/2011 U.S. Generals Brief S. Korea's Lee in Pentagon Visit
10/7/2011 NATO Missile System to Restore Security of Europe - Turkish Minister
10/6/2011 US Defence Secretary Praises Dutch
10/6/2011 Navy Ships to Move to Spain in 2013
10/5/2011 Spain will host US ships for missile defense plan
10/5/2011 NATO's missile defense program to be fully operational in 2018 - Rasmussen
10/4/2011 NATO Plans Interim Missile Defense Capability
10/3/2011 Russia, U.S. will Agree on Missile Defense Data Exchange System - U.S. Envoy
10/3/2011 NATO Optimistic over European Missile Shield
9/29/2011 Netherlands to Join NATO Missile Defense Program
9/28/2011 Georgia Ready to Hosts Elements of European Missile Defense
9/23/2011 NATO Secretary General Announces Chicago Summit Dates
9/22/2011 S. Korea, U.S. Discuss Deterrence Against N. Korean Threats
9/19/2011 N. Korea Threat Boosts US Ties
9/16/2011 Missile Defence on Agenda of US-Australia Talks
9/16/2011 U.S.-Poland Ballistic Missile Defense Pact Takes Effect
9/15/2011 US Ambassador Impressed by US-Israel Defense Cooperation
9/15/2011 Joint Statement on the U.S.-Poland Ballistic Missile Defense Agreement
9/14/2011 Turkey, US Sign Agreement on NATO Radar Deployment
9/13/2011 US-Romania Missile Defense Pact To Be Signed On Tuesday
9/13/2011 New Raytheon Datalink Will Allow NATO Ships to Employ All Standard Missiles
9/13/2011 Ballistic Missile Defense Agreement Between the United States of America and Romania
9/12/2011 Raytheon To Market Israeli Defense System in US
9/5/2011 NATO Offers Missile Defence Cooperation to India
9/5/2011 Strengthening International Missile Defense Cooperation
9/2/2011 Turkey Agrees to Host Early Warning Radar
9/2/2011 Russian Negotiator Warns NATO Over Missile Defence Plans
9/1/2011 U.S. Could Threaten Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces - Foreign Minister Lavrov
8/31/2011 Tough Talking: Russia and US Discuss European Missile Defense
8/31/2011 Klaus: Medvedev Will Visit Prague in December
8/31/2011 Israel Deploys Third Iron Dome Battery
8/29/2011 WikiLeaks: USA Made "Enormous Concession" in Talks on Czech Radar
8/29/2011 Israeli Spat Blocks Missile Defense Plan
8/29/2011 Peru Seeks Naval Missile Systems
8/26/2011 U.S. May Shop for Libyan Missiles in Mali’s Black Market
8/25/2011 UAE Said to Trim Planned US Missile-Defense Purchase
8/25/2011 Lockheed Martin Braces for Federal Cuts While Executing Missile Defense
8/24/2011 Raytheon-Rafael Get Boost for Iron Dome
8/22/2011 Lockheed Still Working on MEADS Despite Lack of U.S. Interest
8/21/2011 Lockheed Martin hopes it can show embattled MEADS is best for U.S. military
8/20/2011 Marshall Islanders Fear Aborted US Tests
8/20/2011 NATO Eyes Early BMD Capability
8/18/2011 Israeli Missile Development Chief Updates SMD Conference on Missile Threats
8/17/2011 No Delays on Patriot Systems, Defense Contractor Says
8/17/2011 NATO Eyes IOC For BMD Shield Next Spring
8/16/2011 MEADS Program Completes Successful BMC4I Software Review
8/15/2011 Russia Can Offer New Generation System for European Missile Shield
8/11/2011 Russia restores missile umbrella
8/9/2011 Russia warns NATO on missile shield
8/8/2011 IAF seeks system to prevent choppers from attacks
8/8/2011 U.S., Russia to continue missile defense talks in St. Petersburg
8/7/2011 Barak: Iron Dome Unit Set for Ashkelon Area
8/4/2011 China says Japan defence paper 'irresponsible'
8/3/2011 Turkey Decision on Radar Base Pending, U.S. Ambassador Says
8/3/2011 Russia’s NATO ambassador said to return to domestic politics
8/2/2011 NATO Warns Turkey Against Chinese, Russian Systems
8/2/2011 Japan wary of rise in China's maritime activities
8/2/2011 Obama: Enormous headway in U.S.-Russian relations
8/2/2011 Israel unveils secret missile
8/1/2011 U.S. Approaches NATO Members on Hosting Radar
8/1/2011 Japan Floats Rules for Missile Interceptor Sales
7/30/2011 Taiwan feels "threatened" by Chinese missiles - defence minister
7/30/2011 Russia’s NATO envoy: U.S. missile system in Europe not purely defensive
7/29/2011 Moscow and Washington have new reasons to quarrel
7/29/2011 Israel, US Plan Joint Anti-Missile Exercise
7/29/2011 Russian Envoy Visits Turkey to Discuss NATO Missile Defense System
7/29/2011 Russian Official Calls Kyl and Kirk “Monsters of the Cold War”
7/29/2011 DPRK Says US Weapons Program Will Lead to New Nuclear Arms Race
7/29/2011 U.S. in Talks With NATO States on Deployment of Radar System in Europe
7/29/2011 Government Sets Terms for Missile Interceptor Transfer
7/29/2011 Vietnam, India Boost Naval Ties to Counter China
7/28/2011 U.S., North Korean Diplomats Meet in New York
7/28/2011 U.S. and Russia Weighing Joint Missile Defense Program
7/27/2011 Joint Chiefs Nominee Touts Potential U.S.-Russian Antimissile Initiatives
7/27/2011 Russia ready to wait for NATO proposals on missile defense until May 2012
7/27/2011 Interview on Nuclear Arms Control with Kommersant Newspaper
7/27/2011 Rudd raises concerns over North Korea's nuclear threat
7/27/2011 Hawkish Republicans may harm future Russia-U.S relations - Rogozin
7/27/2011 "We propose cooperation on missile defense"
7/25/2011 IDF: More draftees asking for missile-defense divisions
7/25/2011 Russia wants to modernize Gabala radar station it leases from Azerbaijan
7/25/2011 Israel's Newest Missile Interceptor Undergoes Live Trial
7/23/2011 US will not backtrack on missile defense - Rogozin
7/23/2011 Russia builds missile shield
7/22/2011 Fifty years of defending NATO’s skies
7/22/2011 Rogozin Discloses Talks With U.S. on Collaborative Missile Threat Centers
7/20/2011 Panetta, Serdyukov Discuss Missile Shield
7/20/2011 Experts: NATO Should Limit Role of Nukes, Remove U.S. Warheads
7/20/2011 French Legislators Push Broad Missile Defense
7/19/2011 Azerbaijan: Talks Launched with Russia on Renewing Gabala Radar Station’s Lease
7/19/2011 Prahaar missile test rescheduled
7/18/2011 German official warns US against cuts to joint missile program
7/15/2011 Franco-German Aerial Infrared Sensor Proposed
7/15/2011 MDA Pursues Parallel Airborne Missile Sensor Programs
7/15/2011 Missile defense still the core issue of Russia-US' controversy
7/14/2011 3 countries interested in Iron Dome - report
7/14/2011 Clinton Goes to Istanbul; Will Missile Defense be on the Agenda?
7/14/2011 Israel to create its missile defense system by 2015
7/13/2011 Sky's no longer the limit
7/13/2011 Understanding US-Czech Relations on Missile Defense
7/12/2011 French Panel Calls for $2.2 Billion Missile Defense Investment
7/12/2011 US senators voice worry over radar deal with Turkey
7/12/2011 Mullen Calls on China to Keep Pressure on North Korea
7/12/2011 IAF mulls missile defense system for helicopters
7/12/2011 U.S. Missile Shield to Cover Entire Bulgaria under New Plan
7/12/2011 Lavrov Eyes Missile Defense, Not Visas
7/12/2011 NEWS TRANSCRIPT: Russian foreign minister interviewed on US trip, Mideast, ties with NATO
7/11/2011 U.S. tests Danish C2 system
7/10/2011 IAF upgrading Patriot missile defense system
7/9/2011 Japan mulling purchase of defense satellite from U.S.
7/8/2011 NATO offers Russia to take part in missile defense project instead of seeking guarantees
7/8/2011 Reset in Russia-U.S. relations 'working out' - Lavrov
7/8/2011 Why does U.S. refuse to commit to promises?
7/7/2011 Terma’s BMD-Flex in successful test with the U.S. Missile Defence Agency
7/5/2011 US Missile Defense Plan Goes Ahead Without Czech Support
6/30/2011 Netanyahu praises U.S. as champion of freedom, ally of Israel at Fourth of July event
6/29/2011 Israel to join U.S. Mideast missile shield
6/28/2011 Iron Dome heads north
6/27/2011 Sochi to host Russia-NATO Council July 4
6/25/2011 U.S. to continue talks on Gabala radar station in 2012
6/24/2011 Poland May Join Mobile Anti-Missile System, Finmeccanica Says
6/24/2011 Bulgaria to Host Elements of NATO Missile Defense if Turkey Refuses
6/24/2011 Israel setting up missile defense center
6/24/2011 MEADS Partner Nations Approve Flight Test Demonstrations of Advanced System Capability
6/24/2011 Poland May Join Mobile Anti-Missile System
6/21/2011 Europe Eyes Ships, Sensors For PAA Missile Shield
6/21/2011 Paris 2011: Is Europe getting serious about missile defense?
6/21/2011 'Son of star wars' base in Yorkshire finally ready to open
6/21/2011 Czechs Pull Out of U.S. Missile Defense Project
6/21/2011 US commander says more N. Korea attacks likely
6/21/2011 Japan, U.S. To Expand Missile Defense, Cyber Cooperation
6/20/2011 Second MEADS Launcher Passes Key Acceptance Test
6/20/2011 U.S.-Japan 2+2 Ministerial Security Meeting On Tuesday
6/20/2011 U.S.: Israeli missile defense system can protect our Mideast bases
6/20/2011 Defense Ministers of Russia and France discuss missile defense in Europe
6/16/2011 Boeing to build 10 C-17 airlifters for India
6/16/2011 Taiwan Develops Advanced Missiles
6/16/2011 U.S.-Japan Joint Statement to Permit Interceptor Exports
6/16/2011 Twelfth Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Missile Defense Conference
6/15/2011 Lockheed’s Anti-Missile System Targeted for Cuts in U.S. Senate
6/15/2011 China and allies back Russia against U.S. missile shield
6/15/2011 Czech Republic pulls out of US missile shield plan
6/15/2011 Russia has no plan to reconsider relations with Iran
6/14/2011 Poland, U.S. Strike Deal On Air Force Deployment
6/14/2011 US-Russian use of Azeri radar is not on agenda
6/14/2011 Navy Radar Efforts Solidify BMD Commitment
6/10/2011 Bulgarian parliament will discuss any missile defense system proposal
6/9/2011 Vondra: Czechs do not want US "consolation prize" in defence area
6/8/2011 Monterey Sailors Integrate EPAA in Romania
6/7/2011 Russia needs AMD guarantees from U.S., not NATO - Rogozin
6/7/2011 Romania - State Secretary Bogdan Aurescu meets with officials of the US Department of State
6/7/2011 NATO chief rejects Russia's missile defence proposal
6/6/2011 RUSSIA has softens stance on Western plans for missile defence over Europe
5/24/2011 U.S.-Israeli Defense Technology Collaboration Began with Confrontation
5/24/2011 Russia Presses U.S. for Guarantee on Missile Shield
5/17/2011 NATO and United States Set to Test Missile Defense Link
5/11/2011 US Missile Test Deal Offers Hope to Marshalls Slum
5/3/2011 Love at First Site
5/3/2011 U.S., Romania Announce Plan for Missile Defense Site
5/2/2011 Russian, U.S. Military Officials Discuss European Missile Defense in Brussels
4/19/2011 US, S. Korea Sign Agreement on Missile Defense System Development: Pentagon
4/19/2011 Netanyahu Thanks Obama for 'Dome' Missile Funding
4/7/2011 Sharp Emphasizes Need for U.S.-South Korea Alliance
4/7/2011 Iron Dome Successfully Intercepts Gaza Rockets for First Time
4/7/2011 Israel Intercepts Rocket Launched at Ashkelon from the Gaza Strip
4/6/2011 Gates Arrives in Saudi Arabia for Meeting with King Abdullah
4/6/2011 Romanian Bilateral Negotiations with US on Missile Defense System to Continue
3/22/2011 Russia, U.S. May Share Missile-Defense Information, Secretary Gates Says
3/16/2011 U.S.'s MEADS Pullout Hurts Alliance: MBDA
3/15/2011 Israeli Defense Ministry Looking to Boost ties with South Korea
3/7/2011 USS Monterey to Deploy Monday
3/7/2011 Indian Interceptor Missile Test-Fired Successfully
2/28/2011 As NKorea Threatens, U.S., SKorea to Start Drills
2/25/2011 US, S. Korea Discuss N. Korea Nuclear Program
2/24/2011 US, Russia Clash Over Shared Missile Program
2/23/2011 Arrow Test Hits Target, Validates New Software
2/23/2011 SKorea China Worry Over NKorea's Nuke Program
2/22/2011 Presidential Aide to Visit U.S. for Possible Talks on Missile Range
2/15/2011 U.S. to Stop Funding NATO Missile Defense Program
2/11/2011 MDA Pushes Japan On SM-3 IIA Production
2/7/2011 Tbilisi 'interested' in U.S. Missile Defense Radar
2/4/2011 Senators Call for NATO Missile Defense in Georgia
2/2/2011 Obama to sign nuclear START Treaty documents
1/28/2011 NATO Achieves First Step on Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence Capability
1/28/2011 GAO Questions U.S. Plans for Missile Defense System in Europe
1/27/2011 DRDO to test ballistic missiles at higher altitudes
1/27/2011 Russia insists on equal part in European missile defense
1/26/2011 Russia Approves Arms Treaty
1/25/2011 Russia may deploy first-strike nuke missiles if NATO fails to cooperate
1/21/2011 Romania Wants to Finalize Talks on US Missile Shield in 2011
1/21/2011 U.S. Warning to China Sends Ripples to the Koreas
1/20/2011 Seoul In Talks With U.S. On Longer Missile Range
1/18/2011 Cold War Issues Linger Over Arms-control Negotiations
1/14/2011 Kitazawa, Gates look at exporting jointly developed interceptor
12/23/2010 START Me Up
12/20/2010 Senate GOP's McConnell says he'll vote against New START
12/20/2010 In letter to Senate, Obama says New START pact won't limit missile defense
12/14/2010 Missile defense looms over START ratification
12/14/2010 Russia vows 'to share responsibility' over Europe missile shield
12/14/2010 Russian forces on alert over Korea tension-report
12/10/2010 US, Gulf states agree on approach to Iran: Gates
12/10/2010 Japan, U.S. wrap up joint military exercises
12/9/2010 Generals warn of missiles threat in Gulf
12/9/2010 US House approves Israel missile defence aid
12/8/2010 Emirates seek gulf-wide missile shield
12/6/2010 U.S, Japan exercise sends message of cooperation to North Korea
12/6/2010 BMD field set to expand in coming years
12/3/2010 Japan, US launch biggest ever joint military exercise
12/2/2010 Putin warns West over missile defence: report
12/2/2010 China Decries Naval Drills as Obstacle to Easing Korea Tensions
12/1/2010 2 Republicans Hint at Hope for Russia Pact
12/1/2010 Russia to deploy 'striking forces' if rejected on ABM: Putin
11/30/2010 WikiLeaks reveals that Arab allies urged U.S. to strike Iran
11/24/2010 U.S. Warships Head to Yellow Sea for War Games
11/23/2010 McCain: 'Waste No Time' on Missile Shield
11/22/2010 Gates warns of fallout if Russia arms treaty fails
11/22/2010 NATO, Russia to cooperate on missile defense
11/22/2010 Obama prods Senate GOP to stop blocking arms pact
11/22/2010 U.S. envoy in Asia amid new North Korea nuclear concern
11/19/2010 Nato accepts Turkey’s policy on missile defence system
11/19/2010 Lisbon in the Sky with Diamonds
11/15/2010 Obama Calls Arms Treaty a Priority
11/15/2010 Russia, U.S. Will Discuss Missile Defense
11/9/2010 Turkey to host Iran talks 'soon'
11/8/2010 U.S. Vote Could Derail Russia Ties
11/5/2010 Obama hopes START treaty will pass Congress soon
11/3/2010 NATO Sees Threats, but Is Reluctant to Say Just Who the Enemy Might Be
11/3/2010 Israel to boost Tel Aviv's missile shield
11/1/2010 German foreign minister calls for NATO-Russia missile defense system
10/29/2010 Guthertz welcomes missile defense system for Guam
10/25/2010 S. Korea Rules Out Joining U.S. Regional Missile Defense
10/19/2010 US not pressing Turkey over NATO missile shield: Gates
10/19/2010 Russia hopes NATO summit clarifies European missile defense plan - envoy
10/15/2010 NATO near adoption of U.S. missile shield
10/15/2010 France prepared to finance missile shield: presidency source
10/15/2010 Chavez signs nuclear deal in Russia
10/8/2010 Russia successfully tests long-range missile
9/30/2010 NKorea vows to strengthen nuclear arms
9/23/2010 US expects closer ties between NATO and Russia
9/23/2010 Russia Ends Talk of Missile Sale to Iran
9/23/2010 World powers seek talks with Iran
9/20/2010 US 'open to talks with North Korea'
9/17/2010 U.S. Nuclear Arms Treaty With Russia Backed by Senate Panel in 14-4 Vote
9/17/2010 Missile defense key to boosting Russia ties: NATO
9/17/2010 Defense minister says US missile shield targets Russia
9/17/2010 Kerry and DeMint spar over missile defense
9/10/2010 Russian Defense Minister to Discuss Cooperation With Gates on U.S. Visit
9/3/2010 US Lauds Japan for New Iran Sanctions
8/12/2010 Kuwait: Plan to Buy U.S. Missiles
8/5/2010 Czech Republic Will Host Missile-Defense Component
8/4/2010 Vote on New START Nuclear Arms Treaty Delayed in Senate
7/29/2010 U.S.-South Korea War Games Raise China's Hackles
7/28/2010 Report Finds Russians May Not Be in Compliance, Could Sink New START Pact
7/21/2010 Israel Plans to Have Anti-Missile System Operational in 4 Months
7/21/2010 US Announces New Sanctions Against North Korea
7/15/2010 Sanctions Tighten Pressure on Iran's Oil Industry
7/14/2010 Russia, Iran Sign Energy Agreement Despite UN Sanctions
7/14/2010 Dubai curbs Iran trade under Sanctions Regime Hurting Business
7/13/2010 Clinton arrives in Poland to Promote Democracy
7/13/2010 UN Command May Accept N.Korea Offer of Talks: Report
7/13/2010 U.S.-Polish Missile Shield Collaboration Moves Ahead
7/9/2010 S.Korea to bolster defense against North Koreas Unconventional Threats
7/9/2010 Duma defence committee urges MPs to ratify new START
7/9/2010 Russia Knocks U.S. Plans for Missile Shield
7/9/2010 India successfully test fires Astra air-to-air missile
7/8/2010 Sen. McCain says Israel is not at the Moment Considering a Strike Against Iran
7/6/2010 U.S., Poland sign amended missile defense pact despite Russian Objections
7/6/2010 Seoul Wants 'Clear and Firm' UN Message to N.Korea
7/6/2010 Fine Print: State Department reports play Role in START Ratification
7/1/2010 Iran Arms Syria With Radar
7/1/2010 Iran planning to manufacture long-range anti-air missiles
7/1/2010 U.S. Pacific chief vigilant about N. Korea, China
6/30/2010 Nuclear watchdog has personal stake in his job
6/30/2010 Beyond Iran U.S. Needs Plan To Sustain South Korea’s Military Capabilities
6/29/2010 Iran's Ahmadinejad faults sanctions, delays nuclear talks till late August
6/29/2010 U.S. to cooperate with Russia on global missile defense system
6/28/2010 North Korea Rejects U.S. Proposal for Talks on Sinking of Warship
6/28/2010 Report: UAE freezes 41 UN-banned Iran accounts
6/28/2010 Report: Total halts petrol sales to Iran
6/28/2010 Russia alarmed by CIA view of Iran's weapons
6/28/2010 G8 leaders keep pressure on Iran, N.Korea
6/24/2010 War in Senate brewing over U.S.-Russia arms deal
6/24/2010 White House points to success as Medvedev visits
6/23/2010 UAE Shut 40 Firms for Illegal Trade with Iran
6/23/2010 White House: No more neglected Issues with Russia
6/23/2010 Iran Warns Russia over Failure to Deliver S-300 Missile Systems
6/22/2010 US Lawmakers Unveil Iran Sanctions Bill
6/21/2010 Two IAEA inspectors denied entry into Iran
6/21/2010 Iran defends missile buildup after US allegation
6/21/2010 Report: UAE closes firms violating Iran sanctions
6/15/2010 Obama to meet Medvedev at White House on June 24
6/15/2010 U.N. Report Raises Concerns About North Korea Sanctions
6/15/2010 Iran drafting bill to reduce UN atomic agency ties: MP
6/14/2010 Gates Criticizes Turkey's Vote Against Sanctions
6/14/2010 Saudis May Let Israeli Jets Fly Over For Iran Raids
6/14/2010 Iran urges Russia to deliver S-300 defense system: MP
6/10/2010 Fact Sheet on New UN Security Council Sanctions
6/10/2010 Analysis: Sanctions Unlikely to Stop Iran
6/10/2010 N. Korea Warns UN not to discuss Warship Sinking
6/9/2010 U.S, Russia and France Dismiss Iran Proposal
6/8/2010 Gates Warns of more N. Korean "Provocations"
6/8/2010 N. Korea Lashes Out Over Diplomatic Drive at The UN Security Council
6/8/2010 U.S. Presses Its Case Against Iran Ahead of Vote
6/7/2010 UAE Nears $7 Billion Missile Deal
6/7/2010 Iran to Defend Rights if New Sanctions Imposed
6/7/2010 Berlin, Moscow Eye Quick U.N. Move on Iran Sanctions
6/6/2010 The US and South Korea Urge China to Punish NKorea
6/3/2010 Russian Missiles in Bulgaria Key for Joint Missile Defense - Expert
6/1/2010 IAEA Report Reduces Chances of Iran Fuel Swap
6/1/2010 U.S. to Aid South Korea With Naval Defense Plan
5/28/2010 Movable Feast
5/27/2010 Amid tensions on Korean peninsula, patterns revealed in Kim's behavior
5/27/2010 Iran warns US to accept 'final offer' to end nuclear row
5/25/2010 Okinawa Decision Has Missile Defense Element
5/24/2010 Moscow Makes Gains in Iran Deal as U.S. Lifts Sanctions Against Russia
5/24/2010 Iranian Says Uranium Deal Off if Sanctions Are On
5/24/2010 U.S. Deploys Missiles to Poland to Train NATO Ally
5/21/2010 Consequences for North Korea
5/19/2010 Poland to unveil US Patriots on May 26
5/18/2010 NATO Urged to Look Beyond Borders
5/18/2010 Moscow Expects U.S. Reaction to Missile Defense System by Year End
5/18/2010 Major Powers Have a Deal on Sanctions for Iran, U.S. Says
5/17/2010 Iran Offers to Ship Uranium as Sanctions Loom
5/17/2010 A Hard Push to Get Tough on Tehran
5/17/2010 Factbox: Current Sanctions on Iran over Nuclear Program
5/14/2010 Obama Urges Funds for Israel Shield
5/12/2010 Russia Urges Active U.S. Role in Mideast
5/5/2010 Israel Seeks U.S. Aid for Iron Dome
5/5/2010 NATO Says Missile Defense Cost Small Price to Pay
5/3/2010 Kim Jong-il Arrives in China
4/30/2010 Joint Statement on the US and Poland Bilateral Strategic Dialogue
4/29/2010 China Gains Influence in Korean Affairs as North and South Warily Seek Its Help
4/29/2010 U.N. Chief Seeks to Strengthen Nuclear Pact
4/27/2010 Japan Sticks to Key Missile-Shield Deal: U.S. General
4/22/2010 Patriot Battery Seen in Poland Late May
4/21/2010 Bulgaria Ready to Host Elements of US Missile Shield
4/20/2010 US Supports UN Action on Ship Sinking
4/16/2010 Former Minister Calls for Democracies to Consider Missile Defense
4/14/2010 Czechs May Join Missile Defense Warning System
4/13/2010 Obama Calls for Joint Action to Safeguard Nuclear Stocks
4/9/2010 Nuclear Treaty Would Cut Only Long-Range Arms
4/8/2010 With Arms Pact, Disarmament Challenge Remains
4/8/2010 Russia Proposes Global Missile Defense Cooperation with U.S. – Medvedev
4/8/2010 Medvedev to Visit U.S. this Summer: White House
4/5/2010 Romania Defends Role in U.S. Missile Shield
4/1/2010 China Agrees to Consider Steps on Iran
4/1/2010 The Case for Western Missile Defense
4/1/2010 Washington Summit to Focus on Vulnerability of Nuclear Materials
4/1/2010 Obama and Medvedev to Meet
3/30/2010 U.S., Russia Hit Language Barrier in Pact
3/30/2010 Russia Implements North Korea Sanctions
3/29/2010 New Pact Places No Limits on Missile Defenses
3/26/2010 Obama Seals Arms Control Deal With Russia
3/25/2010 U.S. and Russia Agree on Missile-Defense Workaround for New Nuke Treaty
3/24/2010 Breakthrough is Reported in U.S. Arms Pact With Russia
3/22/2010 US-Russian Deal On Nukes Nearly Completed
3/16/2010 Russian State Duma Might Block New START Treaty
3/5/2010 Romanian President: US Missile System is Defensive
3/2/2010 Poland-US Missile Defense Deal Ever Closer
3/1/2010 Romania in Talks to Host 20 US Interceptor Missiles
3/1/2010 Polish President Ratified Status of US Forces in Poland Agreement
2/23/2010 Moldova Govt Backs US Missile Defense Plans in Romania
2/22/2010 U.S. Patriot Missiles in Poland Early April: Report
2/17/2010 Seoul Open to Talks on Missile Defense with Washington
2/12/2010 U.S. to Discuss Bulgarian Missile Shield Role
2/11/2010 Czechs in Talks to Host Missile Command Center
2/9/2010 Iran's Nuclear Threat to NATO
2/3/2010 U.S., Russia Agree to Nuclear-Arms Accord
2/3/2010 US Official: NKorea Must Return to Nuke Talks
1/31/2010 U.S. Speeding Up Missile Defenses in Persian Gulf
1/27/2010 Russia: Arms deal with US possible within weeks
1/25/2010 Russia and U.S. deadlocked over strategic arms deal
1/18/2010 Ukraine Election Could Give?Russia Edge In ‘Start’ Ratification
1/18/2010 Israel: Global NATO’s 29th Member
1/17/2010 Israel completes testing a high-tech defense system that intercepts incoming rockets
1/7/2010 Israel's Iron-Dome Missile Interceptor to Become Operational by May 2010
1/3/2010 Fleet scrambles to meet BMD ship demand
12/21/2009 Alaska military spending
12/17/2009 NATO chief expects joint missile defense with Russia by 2020
12/16/2009 Deployment of missile intercepters delayed
12/16/2009 S. Korea, US to Draw Up Defense Guidelines
12/8/2009 Upgraded version of Gabala radar could be important addition to U.S missile defense system: former A
12/3/2009 Israel seeking to boost defense sales to Europe
12/2/2009 Raytheon Wins $17 Million South Korea Contract
11/29/2009 U.S. to Station Troops in Poland for First Time
11/19/2009 Israel's Barak says missile defense could permit withdrawal from occupied territories
11/19/2009 Israel, Germany to discuss missile ships
11/15/2009 Cold War missile site targeted
11/15/2009 Czech, US officials discuss missile defense
11/9/2009 India Deepens Defense Ties with Israel
11/8/2009 Cellphone alert system expected in 2 yrs
11/6/2009 Poland looks beyond missile defense disappointment
10/23/2009 Iran delays reply on nuclear plan
10/19/2009 Missile deal focus of Biden's Poland visit
10/19/2009 German firm eyes missile detection system
10/14/2009 Clinton: Russia sees Iran threat
10/12/2009 Russia-US missile defense talks begin
10/12/2009 Israel postpones at last minute joint Juniper Cobra exercise with US
10/11/2009 U.S.-Russia Relations on the Eve of Clinton's Trip to Moscow
10/7/2009 US may leave missile defense systems in Israel
10/2/2009 Obama in Iran inspection demand
10/2/2009 Iran, Major Powers Reach Agreement On Series of Points
9/27/2009 South Korea's defense ministry said Monday it has slashed its proposed increase in spending
9/23/2009 Obama presses China for help on Iran, NKorea
9/23/2009 A Pragmatist, Gates Reshapes Past Policies He Backed
9/18/2009 Clinton Fights Back at Missile Defense Critics
9/15/2009 Missile Defense Launch Targeted For Saturday
9/3/2009 US and Australia invite China to war games
8/28/2009 US planning locations other than Poland for missile shield
8/27/2009 Missile shield to be set up in Balkan, not in Central Europe
8/27/2009 Saudis, Israel to lead Mideast arms’ purchases
8/27/2009 N Korea 'invites envoy for talks'
8/26/2009 Exclusive: Improved U.S.-Taiwan Defense Cooperation Needed
8/25/2009 U.S. tests intercontinental missile
8/14/2009 Testing Begins on Australia's First Aegis Missile-Defense System
8/12/2009 Make breaking, leaving nuke treaty harder, US says
8/10/2009 Russia says satellite plan is defense system test
8/9/2009 Trophy tank defense system operational
8/8/2009 U.S. missile kills Pakistan’s Taliban chief
7/17/2009 U.S., Israel to test three missile defense systems in Pacific this summer
7/9/2009 G-8 condemns North Korea's nuclear test
7/9/2009 Japan In N Korea Talks With US, China
7/9/2009 US Offers Reassurances To Poland On Anti-Missile Base
7/8/2009 Obama, Medvedev agree on nuclear arms cut, military transit to Afghanistan
7/7/2009 North Korea Missile Firings Condemned at United Nation
7/7/2009 U.S. and Russia to Reduce Arsenals
7/7/2009 UNSC condemns latest missile test by NKorea
6/28/2009 South Korea getting U.S. missiles to boost defences: report
6/24/2009 S. Korean envoy heads to Russia for consultations on N. Korea
6/23/2009 US defense official to hold talks in Beijing
6/23/2009 Russia Wants Deeper Cuts in Numbers of Nuclear Warheads
6/22/2009 US, regional powers may meet on North Korea next month
6/22/2009 Russia ready for deep nuclear arms cuts: Medvedev
6/18/2009 China and Russia pressure N Korea
6/16/2009 Japan Bans Exports to North Korea After Nuclear Test
6/16/2009 US, S.Korea leaders to hold talks on nuke standoff
6/16/2009 Top general "90 percent-plus" sure on U.S. missile defense
6/12/2009 Russia assesses option to cohost US missile defence shield
6/9/2009 Poland still believes U.S. shield necessary: PM
6/4/2009 US, Israeli defense ministers meet in Washington
5/29/2009 Poland Seeks Missiles Regardless of Shield
5/21/2009 Report: Arrow missile system to be funded
5/21/2009 U.S. comes through, will fund Israel’s Arrow 3 missile defense system
5/19/2009 US, Japan and SKorea officials to meet on NKorea
5/18/2009 Poland expects Patriot in 09, US 'yes' to shield
5/17/2009 Czech Government To Remove Razor Fence At US Radar Site
5/14/2009 U.S., Israeli missile shields vie as allies eye Iran
5/8/2009 Increased US military aid includes less for Arrow 2
5/6/2009 Joint command set up at US radar base
4/14/2009 Israel, US to hold largest-ever joint missile defense drill